Donations sought for woman hit by 100-pound tree limb in SF park

Donations sought for woman hit by 100-pound tree limb in SF park An online donation fund has been created to help a San Francisco woman ...

Stanford limits undergrads’ consumption of hard alcohol on campus

In a move to put an end to a burgeoning culture of boozing, Stanford University announced Monday that it is banning consumption of hard alcohol ...

A new voice for the East Bay in The Chronicle

Over the years, they’ve broken news, been a voice for the less fortunate, made us cry, driven us to anger, and put into words ideas ...

SF celebrates pingpong with Chinatown tournament

Ranging from one-day Olympic hopefuls to the ultra-novices, scores of competitors grabbed their paddles and headed Sunday to San Francisco’s Chinatown, where they faced off ...

Man dies in Oakland car crash

A man died early Sunday morning in a car crash in Oakland, police said. The crash occurred around 3:45 a.m. on the 5400 block of ...

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MIT scientists created a cell phone that can build itself

Scientists at MIT have created a self-assembling cell phone. The prototype, developed by MIT’s Self-Assembly Lab, is able to piece itself together in less than ...

These ungainly plane-helicopter hybrids were once used to transport mail

April 28, 1936 An autogyro takes off in front of the United States Capitol. Image: Library of Congress In 1919, Spanish aviation engineer Juan de ...

So how much does it cost to buy an early Apple-1 computer?

One of the first Apple computers ever made is currently up for auction. A rare “Celebration” Apple-1 computer, which may have been built by Steve ...

It's crunch time for Apple and the iPhone 7

People have been talking trash about Apple. They claim its best days are over. Its revenue engine, the iPhone, is slowing down and the company ...

Donald Trump's new app tries to make personal branding great again

Democratic party presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has an app for voters so it’s only natural that her GOP opponent, Donald Trump, would roll out his ...

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Dispelling The Norwegian Housing Myth

Submitted by Alexander Grover in Oslo, Norway Recently, Dagens Næringsliv published an article where an economist from DnB (Norway’s largest bank) stated that Norway is ...

SEC To Crack Down On "Excessive" Hedge Fund Expenses

Hedge funders have a bit of an “image” issue on main street where their behavior is often viewed as “excessive”.  Not to put words in ...

Marc Faber Rings the Alarm Bell, Predicts a 50% Near Term Correction in Stocks

    Marc Faber Rings the Alarm Bell, Predicts a 50% Near Term Correction in Stocks Written by Nathan McDonald (CLICK FOR ORIGINAL) Volatility is ...

Summary Of Recent Fed Statements: Spot The Common Theme

Actually, scratch that: the one thing that becomes clear after skimming this selection of select statements by Fed committee members over the past few months, ...

Silver Is in a Different World, Report 21 August, 2016

Measured in gold, the price of the dollar hardly budged this week. It fell less than one tenth of a milligram, from 23.29 to 23.20mg. ...

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#HeartWarrior: Maddy Reyes

Maddy Reyes is a 12-year-old Heart Warrior participating in the 2016 Puget Sound Heart and Stroke Walk. She is also a social media ambassador, @MaddyGoCheer. ...

A Unique Approach To Discomfort

“Destiny is not for comfort seekers. Destiny is for the daring and determined who are willing to endure some discomfort, delay gratification, and go where ...

Server Receives $500 Tip After Compassionate Act

A waiter who works at a Dallas-area Applebee’s restaurant received an unforgettable tip. “They ordered the cheapest thing on the menu,” Kasey Simmons said of ...

Family Travel Packing: The Kids’ Bags

When it comes to family travel, recognizing and planning for the unique needs of your children is key. In general, children may find sitting still, ...

Better To Reign In Hell: Literature's Unpunished Villains

Snidely Whiplash may have been famous for yelling “Curses, foiled again!” But sometimes the bad guys win — from Milton’s Satan to X-men foe Magneto, ...

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Boeheim: Draymond 'little too small' for Euro centers in Rio

During Team USA’s run to the gold medal in Rio, Draymond Green had a reduced role. Assistant coach Jim Boeheim offered insight into why.

Biz Ball: Giants' Hunter Pence finds match with beef jerky

Giants right fielder Hunter Pence finds ways to unintentionally be comedic on the field. Now, he’s taking his talents to Oberto Beef Jerky.

Durant: Playing for Team USA in Olympics 'was therapy for me'

Kevin Durant certainly relished the experience of being a part of USA Basketball in Rio…

Kobe starts off retirement with $100 million investment fund

Kobe Bryant is moving from being a star on the court to put his business sense to the test on Wall Street as a retired ...

Kaepernick practices, on pace to resume competition

On Monday, Colin Kaepernick was a full participant for the first time since Aug. 10. Jimmie Ward and Bruce Ellington were impressed…

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Former Football Pro Todd Marinovich Arrested After Being Found Naked With Drugs: Report

Marinovich was said to be in possession of marijuana and one other drug.

Beyoncé and Jay Z Are Relationship Goals in Matching Suits at Hands of Stone Premiere

The couple supported their famous friends Usher and Robert De Niro

North West Trades Rubber Duckies for Glow Sticks in Kanye West’s Bath-

The firstborn West does things differently than your average three-year-old.

Watch a Young Helen Mirren Stand Up to Grotesquely Sexist Interviewer in 1975

“Because serious actresses can’t have big bosoms, is that what you mean?”

Watch Halle Berry's Dramatic Reading of Britney Spears' 'Oops! I Did It Again'

Berry teamed with W magazine for the video.

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The Mix

Why The Queen Isn't The Real Villain In Snow White

By Carmen Angelica  Published: August 22nd, 2016 

13 Simple Mental Tricks That Look Like Magic

By CRACKED Readers  Published: August 22nd, 2016 

Meteorite Identification

15 Reality TV Formulas We Suspect Hollywood Uses

By CRACKED Readers  Published: August 21st, 2016 

The 7 Most Accidentally Sexy Photos From The Rio Olympics

By Pauli Poisuo  Published: August 21st, 2016 

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Trump’s red-state tour

Donald Trump might be moderating his rhetoric, but he hasn’t adjusted a campaign strategy that has him spending valuable time in states that will not ...

How Zika could change the politics of late-term abortion

For years, most Americans have opposed abortions late in pregnancy. Zika could change that, potentially undermining support for a national ban on abortion after 20 ...

On Kimmel's show, Clinton mocks ‘failing health’ conspiracies

Hillary Clinton poked fun at the Donald Trump’s repeated claims that her health is failing Monday night, jokingly asking ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel to take her ...

RNC ready to reelect Reince Priebus

Donald Trump is teetering on the brink of a historic defeat, but Republican National Committee officials are poised to reward the party’s chairman Reince Priebus ...

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A Clash of Police Policies

Amid the rioting in Milwaukee, there is also a clash between two leading lawmen there — Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke and the city of…

Trump and Blacks

Who would have thought that Donald Trump, of all people, would be addressing the fact that the black community suffers the most from a breakdown…

Does Black Success Matter?

We keep hearing that “black lives matter,” but they seem to matter only when that helps politicians to get votes, or when that slogan helps…

New Critics of Trump

A year ago, in August 2015, this column called “The Donald” the Democrats’ Trump card. It is hard to imagine any other Republican candidate who…

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