Hacker cost SF Muni $50,000 in lost fares, agency says

After Muni learned it had been hacked the night of Nov. 25, officials shut down the ticket machines in the Muni Metro system’s subway stations ...

SF pays $5 million to settle case of house that slid down hill

In a settlement announced Friday, homeowner Ronald Martell will receive $5 million to rebuild his house and to shore up surrounding property to protect a ...

Bernie Sanders challenges Trump, Dem establishment at UC Berkeley

The senator from Vermont and former presidential candidate offered his view on what went wrong in the Democratic Party and how liberals ought to counter ...

Brown names immigrant-rights advocate as state attorney general

WASHINGTON — In tapping Rep. Xavier Becerra, a veteran Los Angeles lawmaker and son of Mexican immigrants, to become California’s next attorney general, Gov. Jerry ...

SF 13-year-old collapses next to Muni bus

The medical emergency was reported around 6:20 p.m. at Lombard and Powell streets in San Francisco’s North Beach neighborhood, said Lt. Jonathan Baxter, a spokesman ...

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Facebook is developing AI to bust 'offensive' Live video: report

Facebook has long been vigilant about keeping your News Feed free of “inappropriate” content. That’s relatively simple when you’re talking about material that can be ...

Apple addresses iPhone 6S battery problems — on its Chinese website

Good news iPhone 6S owners with battery woes: Apple has finally issued a statement to explain those unexpected battery shutdowns. Bad news (at least for ...

Netflix now lets you download and chill and it's awesome

We’re back! Thanksgiving is over here in the U.S. and so MashTalk returns.  Yours truly, Mashable Chief Correspondent Lance Ulanoff and Tech Editor Pete Pachal ...

Distracted driving kills, so why don’t more apps have driver warnings?

Fatalities on American roadways are on the rise and smartphones may be at least partially to blame, according to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration ...

Beddit 3 knows if you’ve been sleeping. It knows if you’re awake.

 Jolted into existence with a $500,000 Indiegogo campaign back in 2013, followed by a version 2 that was sold in Apple Stores all over the ...

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Official Washington's "Info-Wars"

Authored by William Blum, originally posted at Strategic-Culture.org, On November 16, at a State Department press briefing, department spokesperson John Kirby was having one of ...

Obama Supports Forcing Women To Register For Military Draft

Submitted by Jason Ditz via AntiWar.com, Continuing the debate over a massive expansion of the Selective Service, the White House today announced that President Obama ...

Chinese Developers Rethink U.S. Real Estate Projects: "I See Danger…U.S. Real Estate Is Peaking"

For months we’ve been warning that real estate markets in NYC and San Francisco, among others, are getting ready to rollover as the market is ...

The 20 Most Sinister Psyop Leaflets Of All Time

Submitted by Jake Anderson via TheAntiMedia.org, Some of the weirdest and most disturbing advertisements ever created are done so for military campaigns. They come in ...

Trump's Treasury Secretary Pick Is A Lucky Man… Very Lucky

Authored by Jesse Eisinger, originally posted at ProPublica.org, Steven Mnuchin has made a career out of being lucky. The former Goldman Sachs banker nominated to ...

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A Focus on Ethics in Global-Health Programs

By Jill Raufman, M.S., M.P.H., Ten years ago I was working with some friends on a joint project at the Central Nairobi YMCA. In a ...

We’ll Remember Cuba’s Ebola Compassion Long After Castro’s Death

While the Cuban government’s accomplishments and failures are still being tallied in the days following Fidel Castro’s death on Nov. 25, the island nation’s health ...

Winning Games, Losing Life

If our society had a canary that fell silent when the air became noxious, it would be the young men trading a job and family ...

Women Face The Unpredictable In 'Jackie,' 'Things To Come'

NPR movie critic Bob Mondello has a double-feature review of two films about women who find themselves in drastically altered circumstances in midlife: Things To ...

'Fawlty Towers' Actor Andrew Sachs Dies At 86

British character actor Andrew Sachs has died at age 86. He was best known as the waiter Manuel on the cult TV series, Fawlty Towers.

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Kerr befuddled by Barkley's criticism of Warriors: 'I think he goes overboard'

Steve Kerr has known Charles Barkley as both a commentator and player. And the Warriors head coach just doesn’t get Barkley’s take on his team.

The Warriors Insider Podcast: Steve Kerr

Warriors head coach Steve Kerr joins Monte Poole for the inaugural episode of The Warriors Insider Podcast to discuss his recent use of medicinal marijuana, ...

Kerr acknowledges marijuana use for chronic back pain, advocates for change

There were days and nights when he was in agony, when no medication – and he tried many – could stop the headaches from corroding

Mark Helfrich provides insight into Chip Kelly's line of thinking

Mark Helfrich had a strong indication he would be fired as Oregon’s head coach. And he said he told Chip Kelly recently he would have

What the new labor agreement means for Giants

SAN FRANCISCO — Major League Baseball and the MLB Players Association sent out a long press release on Friday afternoon highlighting the changes in the

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Why The Weeknd Changed His Hair

The locs are gone, but never forgotten.

Would You Watch a Barbie Movie Starring Amy Schumer?

Here’s Sony’s latest attempt at bringing a classic toy to life.

Trump’s New Economic Advisory Board Reads Like a Davos After-party Guest List

Feel the populism.

Jason Momoa's 'Aquaman' Gets Release Date

James Wan is directing Warner Bros.’ superhero movie. read more

Box Office: 'Moana,' 'Fantastic Beasts' Keep Afloat on Post-Thanksgiving Weekend

The horror film ‘Incarnate,’ the only new wide release, is heading towards a $2 million to $3 million debut. read more

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The Mix

19 Ways Advertisers Misunderstand How We Use Their Stuff

By CRACKED Readers  Published: December 02nd, 2016 

8 Quirks Of Famous Actors You Will Never Unsee

By Jack O’Brien  Published: December 02nd, 2016 

24 Ways To Stay Positive When You Really, Really Can't

By CRACKED Readers  Published: December 01st, 2016 

Why J.K. Rowling Is Ruining Harry Potter

By CRACKED Staff  Published: December 01st, 2016 

US State Names

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Clinton allies plot anti-Trump movement

After most campaigns the combatants share cocktails and swap war stories — but the bitter 2016 battle for the White House is turning into a ...

Bull in a China shop: Trump risks diplomatic blowup in Asia

Donald Trump startled foreign policy watchers Friday by speaking with the president of Taiwan, a break with more than 35 years of U.S. policy that ...

Sen. Heitkamp mum on possible Cabinet job after Trump meeting

North Dakota Democratic Sen. Heidi Heitkamp thanked Donald Trump for “a thoughtful and wide-ranging discussion” on Friday, although she did not say whether the two ...

Dean's drop-out reshapes DNC chair fight

DENVER — Keith Ellison came to Colorado seeking to cement his position as the front-runner for Democratic National Committee chairman. But the Minnesota congressman ended ...

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Football and Fallacies

This is a football story with both political and legal implications.It was fourth down in a National Football League game, and the punting team…

Backward-Looking 'Progressives'

People who call themselves “progressives” claim to be forward-looking, but a remarkable amount of the things they say and do are based on looking…

What Now?

A Hillary Clinton victory would have meant a third consecutive administration dedicated to dismantling the institutions that have kept America…

What Now?: Part II

As the post-election shock of some, and the euphoria of others, both begin to wear off, the country and the new administration will have some ...

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