City sued over Sharp Park Golf Course project

by Laura Dudnick A group of conservation agencies has filed a suit against The City, claiming that a planned construction project at Sharp Park Golf ...

New, glassy looks for old San Francisco buildings

100 Van Ness Ave. Built: 1976 Height: 32 stories Originally: Headquarters building for the California State Automobile Association 680 Folsom St. Built: 1963 Height: 15 ...

How the Warriors’ Mission Bay deal went down

by Jonah Owen Lamb A looming political battle and the prospect of slogging through a Byzantine San Francisco regulatory process could have been enough for ...

San Francisco explores joining Marin County’s clean energy program

San Francisco took a step forward Tuesday toward joining a clean energy program practiced by Marin County after The City’s own effort was stymied nine ...

The Life of a Stolen Phone: For the Smartphone Industry, Theft Is a Part of the Business Model

Alex had a gnawing, uneasy feeling when he boarded the last BART train from San Francisco International Airport, on the way home from a business ...

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Withings Pulse O2 Fitness Tracker Monitors Your Blood Oxygen

As competition in the fitness wearables category continues to heat up, Withings is adding a blood oxygen monitor to its latest-generation fitness tracker as a ...

Rocki Transforms Old Speakers Into Smartphone-Ready Audio Devices

It looks like a rock and it turns any normal speaker into a wireless speaker, but the Rocki is more practical tool than cute gimmick. ...

One Man's Quest for the Perfect Hand: 39 Years and a 3D Printer

Jose Delgado, Jr., likes the reaction he’s getting to his new 3D-printed hand. “Wow,” his bosses at the warehouse say. “Where did you get that?” ...

Now You Too Can Get Apple OS X Betas

Apple rolled out its new OS X Beta Seed Program to all Mac customers Tuesday — meaning users get to see future operating systems early. ...

Google Extends Glass Initiative for Nonprofits

Google extended the eligibility period for Giving Through Glass, an initiative the company launched in October to put its wearable computing device, Google Glass, in ...

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Eyeing Pipeline, Russia Forgives North Korean Debt

Submitted by Zachary Zeck via The Diplomat, On Friday Russia’s parliament voted to write off roughly 90 percent of North Korea’s debt as Moscow seeks ...

China's Largest Manager Of Bad Debt On The Economy: "Grim And Complicated"

“The business environment this year has been “grim and complicated”; that is the message from China’s largest manager of bad debt. As Bloomberg reports, China’s ...

David Stockman Blasts "America's Housing Fiasco Is On You, Alan Greenspan"

Submitted by David Stockman via Contra Corner blog, So far we have experienced 7 million foreclosures. Beyond that there are still 9 million homeowners seriously underwater ...

Bob Saget Admits 'Inappropriate Acts' in New Book

April 8 (Bloomberg) –- Comedian, Actor and Television Host discusses his stint in “Full House” and some sources of inspiration for his comedy. He speaks ...

Skechers Won the Boston Marathon. But Why Was It Even in the Race?

An American runner, Meb Keflezighi, won the race in shoes rarely associated with elite athletics

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1 In 3 Canadians Suffered Some Form Of Child Abuse, Study Finds

One in three adult Canadians suffered some form of child abuse in their past, experiences that put them at a higher risk of developing mental ...

Why Oatmeal Is Having A Moment

In 2012, I walked away from my financially secure job at an investment bank. I left a steady paycheck, paid vacations and health insurance for ...

Book Review: 'In Praise Of Hatred'

Alan Cheuse reviews the novel In Praise of Hatred, by Khaled Khalifa. The book, which was recently translated to English, features a young Muslim girl ...

Oxford Schools’ Green Reputation Grows

The post Oxford Schools’ Green Reputation Grows by Associated Press appeared first on The Epoch Times. The Oxford School District’s traditional school colors of blue ...

Why Do Americans Drink Half as Much Coffee Today as They Did 60 Years Ago?

The post Why Do Americans Drink Half as Much Coffee Today as They Did 60 Years Ago? by Murray Carpenter, NewAmerica.net appeared first on The ...

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Popovich wins Coach of the Year, Jackson receives one vote

The NBA announced the results for the Coach of the Year award which named Gregg Popovich the winner. Mark Jackson made the list with one ...

Jackson: 'We've got to find a way to be the puncher'

Mark Jackson is something of a boxing aficionado who understands that savagery is part of the artistry. And, evidently, he has had enough watching his ...

Warriors officially announce plans for Mission Bay arena site

The Warriors organization officially announced a deal with Salesforce.com for arena to be built in San Francisco’s Mission Bay neighborhood.

Rewind: As Pagan ails, so does Giants offense

If Angel Pagan is not playing at full capacity, it’s going to make it even harder for the Giants to come out of these doldrums.

Instant Replay: Giants lose despite CG from Bumgarner

Madison Bumgarner allowed just two runs over eight strong innings but the Giants managed to score just one in a frustrating 2-1 loss.

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Get the Look: Whitney Port's Pretty Dinner Table

The star’s Passover tablescape is inspiration for all of your spring dinner parties

Get an Exclusive Look Into Niki Taylor's Home and Closet in a Sweet Video Series

The supermodel says she’s just “a pretty normal girl from Nashville” in her new style videos

The Wahlberg Family's Boston Marathon Photo Diary

#BostonStrong! Donnie leads the clan as they cheer on brother Jim at Monday’s race

Snowden Speaks: A <i>Vanity Fair</i> Special Report

V.F.’s investigative team follows the twists and turns that propelled a 29-year-old computer whiz into the pages of history.

What Will Become of New York’s Most Beautiful Ruin?

Paul Goldberger visits Flushing Meadow Park, and goes inside the 1964 World’s Fair New York State Pavilion, which has been closed to the public for ...

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The Mix

Hour-Long Battle As Angler Reels In 57st Shark

The anglers refuse to reveal where they hooked the 11ft mako in order to keep people from flocking to their secret spot.

26 Hilariously Insane Old-Timey Drawings of the Future

By Luke McKinney  Published: April 22nd, 2014  Popular Mechanics magazine predicted the future, and they were so much better than right. A 20-wheeler tank with ...

4 Common Complaints That Completely Miss the Point

By J. F. Sargent  Published: April 22nd, 2014  Complaining gets a bad rap, but it’s actually a pretty important skill: We’re identifying problems, and we ...

Phone Alarm

Flying High: Crook Uses Drone To Spot Pot Farms

Criminals are reportedly scouting out cannabis farms to burgle using heat-seeking cameras fitted to flying drones.

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5 takeaways from affirmative-action ruling

Here are the takeaways from the ruling that voters have the right to implement bans on racial preferences.

The woman who killed affirmative action. Twice.

It was Gratz’s own college rejection that ultimately set a Supreme Court decision in motion.

Bob Dole goes home

The 90-year-old former senator embarks on a barnstorming tour of his native Kansas.

Republican activists push party on gay marriage

LAS VEGAS (AP) – As bans against gay marriage crumble and public opinion on the issue shifts rapidly, some Republicans are pushing the party to ...

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Judge Napolitano: Hooray for Obama’s Clemency for Nonviolent Drug War Prisoners

Judge Andrew Napolitano, speaking on Fox News with Jenna Lee, explains why, “as someone who has harshly and repeatedly criticized the President,” he believes President ...

The High Cost of Liberalism: Part II

Liberals can be disarming. In fact, they are for disarming anybody who can be disarmed, whether domestically or…

The High Cost of Liberalism

Liberals advocate many wonderful things. In fact, I suspect that most conservatives would prefer to live in the kind of world envisioned by…

Sen. Reid Ups Threats Against Bundy Ranch Protestors, Calling Them 'Domestic Terrorists'

United States Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) is upping his threats against the protestors at the Bundy ranch. Following his ominous declaration on Monday ...

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