Driver alert: Golden Gate Bridge lane closure coming

Some lanes on the Golden Gate Bridge will be closed overnight for the next few days as construction crews prepare the span for installation of ...

Google buses, others set to roll under new S.F. rules

Eleven operators of the sleek, typically white, private shuttles will be charged $3.55 per stop as part of an 18-month test program coordinated by the ...

Bay Area heat wave to taper off over weekend

Mercury readings in parts of San Francisco are expected to reach 74 degrees, with temperatures farther inland in Livermore and Antioch hitting 100 degrees or ...

Pilot charging commuter buses to use Muni stops hits the streets

by Jessica Kwong Lime-colored decals stating “Commuter Shuttle Pilot” and “Permitted Users Only” have been plastered to Muni bus shelters and tacked on to bus ...

Airbnb advocates voice praise for home sharing

by Jonah Owen Lamb It helped Marcia Weisbrut get on her feet after cancer. It paid for Rodolfo Cancino’s dental bills. It has allowed Greg ...

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Crave’s Vesper Is A Vibrator That Hides In Plain Sight

 In a market filled with many, many, many sex toys, Crave stands out by making vibrators that are not only elegant and discreet, but also ...

Snapchat VP Of Engineering Peter Magnusson Departs Startup After Just 6 Months

 Snapchat’s VP of Engineering, Peter Magnusson, has left the company only six months after the L.A.-based startup was able to poach him away from Google. ...

Play Chef With Forage’s Twist On Restaurant Delivery

 San Francisco is a great town for foodies and Forage, the brainchild of Foodzie founders Rob and Emily LaFave has emerged as an option for ...

Ezeecube Is A Stackable, All Inclusive Media Center For Your Home

 Ezeecube wants to be the all-in-one media hub for your home. You can use it to wirelessly back up photos and other files from all ...

Scrap the mystery: High-tech vision for Google barge crumbles in a heap (Tom Bell/The Portland Press Herald)

Tom Bell / The Portland Press Herald:Scrap the mystery: High-tech vision for Google barge crumbles in a heap  —  The barge has been sold and ...

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Top Financial Experts Say World War 3 Is Coming … Unless We Stop It

Nouriel Roubini, Kyle Bass, Hugo Salinas Price, Charles Nenner, James Dines, Jim Rogers, David Stockman, Marc Faber, Jim Rickards, Paul Craig Roberts, Martin Armstrong, Larry ...

Gaza's Next Disaster: No Cement for Rebuilding

Hamas has demonstrated that it uses building materials for attack tunnels and underground lairs, not schools, homes, and hospitals

Charlie Rose Talks to Hamas's Khaled Meshaal

Hamas’s exiled leader on the Gaza bloodshed and the effects of Israel’s seven-year blockade of the Palestinian enclave

Coke Confronts Its Big Fat Problem

Coca-Cola’s North America president, Sandy Douglas, oversees a relaunch of America’s No. 1 soft drink

Russia And Germany Allegedly Working On Secret "Gas For Land" Deal

While many were amused by this photo of Putin and Merkel during the world cup final showing Europe’s two most important leaders siding side by ...

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5 Reasons to Be Optimistic About Alzheimer's Research

Scientists are making exciting headway in the search for a treatment (and even a cure) for Alzheimer’s disease. Earlier this month I joined some of ...

A 'Child Of God,' Or Maybe Not

The very prolific James Franco directs a Cormac McCarthy adaptation that struggles to overcome a repulsive main character with whom it’s almost impossible to empathize. ...

Facial Features Can Make or Break First Impressions

Scientists say it’s possible to predict first impressions based on different facial features, such as eye height or eyebrow width. The researchers developed a model based on ...

You’ll Find it Hard to Believe Adults Don’t Know Better Than This

Have you ever been in a situation where you found that an adult should have totally learned how to do a certain thing, yet they ...

American Ebola Patient Coming To U.S.

(Updates to add media reports of second U.S.-bound patient in paragraph 7) By Julie Steenhuysen and Colleen Jenkins CHICAGO/WINSTON-SALEM, N.C., July 31 (Reuters) – A ...

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NBA ref Violet Palmer to marry longtime partner

Violet Palmer will marry celebrity hair stylist Tanya Stine in Los Angeles. The ceremony will be officiated by “Basketball Wives LA” star Tanya Young Williams.

Stern lauds Silver for handling of Sterling situation

David Stern said his successor, Adam Silver, has been “forceful” but also “demonstrated a compassionate side” in his reaction to Donald Sterling’s racist remarks.

NBA will put Twitter handle on game balls next season

The official game ball is not changing and will be identical to last season with the exception of the @NBA addition.

Brewers acquire Parra from Diamondbacks

Gerardo Parra, the two-time Gold Glove winning outfielder, was acquired from the Diamondbacks for a pair of minor leaguers.

Diamondbacks trade Prado to Yankees

The Diamondbacks will also get either a player to be named or cash in the deal that was completed before Thursday’s trade deadline.

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This Ice Cream Changes Color When You Lick It

We’re pairing our cone with a Hypercolor T-shirt and a mood ring

Hilary Duff: My Split from Mike Comrie Has Been 'Very Difficult'

“Maybe we’re not meant to be together, or maybe we are. It’s very, very personal,” the singer and actress says

Chris Pratt Improvised a Parks and Rec Scene by Going Naked – and Scaring Amy Poehler

The star got in trouble with NBC for his R-rated improvisation

<b>Monica Lewinsky:</b> The Online Rebuttal Is the New Black

Monica Lewinsky explores the phenomenon of the online rebuttal, and how the new course of action gives those who feel wronged a stronger voice.

All in the Family: The Alchimie Forever Sisters

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The Mix

Ship Found At Ground Zero Dates To 1773

A ship found four years ago at the World Trade Center site was made from wood cut around 1773, new research shows.

The 22 Most Horrifying Video Game Glitches

By CRACKED Readers  Published: July 31st, 2014  Game glitches are a common occurrence. Sometimes the game freezes, or it won’t save, or you swear on ...

8 Totally Free Games to Kick Your Boredom's Ass

By John Cheese  Published: July 31st, 2014  It’s 2 a.m. Your insomnia has demanded that you never go to sleep without first seeing the sunrise. ...

Mysterious Crop Circle Appears In Wheat Field

The ornate design – 75 metres in diameter (246ft) – attracts thousands of visitors after it is discovered by a balloonist.

Axe Flies Through Car Windshield On Highway

Police praise the driver for obeying the speed limit after an axe falls from a truck and smashes through the glass.

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Congress sputters on deadline day

The Senate and House make minimal progress on most fronts.

The secret George W. Bush book project

When Bush’s book comes out, it’s sure to force a re-evaluation of the Bushes on many levels.

GOP leaders stumble on Day One

The Steve Scalise era is off to an embarrassing start.

Cuomo's M.O. haunting him now

He is having the roughest stretch of his political career.

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Col. Lawrence Wilkerson Exposes the CIA’s Ongoing Cover-Up of Torture War Crimes

Former US Army Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson discussed in detail, as a guest Sunday on Background Briefing with Ian Masters, a “major cover-up” in progress, with ...

US Grants Israel Emergency Access to Billion Dollar US Weapons Cache

Just hours after the Israeli government killed scores of Palestinians shopping at a marketplace and sheltering from the relentless attack on Gaza in a UN school, ...

Abolish the CIA: Does Ron Paul Hate America? Daniel McAdams on Jay Taylor Show

RPI Director Daniel McAdams joins Jay Taylor again to discuss Ron Paul’s recent column on ending the CIA, as well as claims that Ron Paul and RPI ...

Another One-Sided Israel Vote Scheduled Today In Congress

It has been only a few days since Congress re-affirmed its support for the Israeli government’s assault on Gaza, in which nearly 1,500 Palestinians have been killed. ...

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