Muni fare increases begin Monday

by Jessica Kwong The time has come for Muni fare hikes. Effective Monday, the adult daily cash fare will rise from $2 to $2.25, adult ...

Chronicle Watch readers weigh in on the 'jerk merge'

This week’s Chronicle Watch feature highlighted what we called the “jerk merge,” an annoying move by drivers who use the wrong lanes to slingshot in ...

Chimney failure most common damage in an earthquake

Fact: When the earth shakes, chimneys fall. And it doesn’t take the Big One to send them tumbling onto roofs, cars, decks and people. Chimney ...

Weekly Lake Merritt 'pop-up picnic' builds community in Oakland

The scent of barbecued oysters wafts on a light breeze coming off Lake Merritt on a Sunday afternoon in Oakland. There are so many shade ...

Blogger Eats Only Food That's Also an Emoji For Some Reason

Dietary stunts are popular among bloggers, broadly speaking, because they lead to pageviews and book deals. Julie Powell’s struggles cooking through Mastering the Art of ...

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Snapchat Expands 'Our Story' to All Users

After being “blown away” at the response from Snapchatters at Electric Daisy Carnival, Lollapalooza and other music festivals to the “Our Story” feature, which pools ...

Emoji-only App Debuts, Nixes Words for Tiny Pictures

Does the burden of human communication weigh heavily on your thumbs? Emoji-only messaging app Emojli is here to save you from the tedium of expressing ...

Project Wing vs. Prime Air: Google's Drones Soar Above Amazon's

Move over, AmazonGoogle has just entered the commercial drone arms race with Project Wing, an until-now secret program to develop “self-flying vehicles” to deliver small ...

RIP, MSN Messenger: Microsoft Kills Old-School Chat App

In news that is sure to make you feel old, Microsoft is officially killing its 15-year-old instant messaging program. Windows Live Messenger— formerly MSN Messenger— ...

A Chrome Extension Replaces All Web Text With 'Hodor'

Simplicity is coming — to your web browser The Internet would be a lot less exhausting if all words were replaced with “Hodor.” And that’s ...

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When Does a $5 Toll Cost $30? When You're Driving a Rental Car

Rental car companies are reaping profits from fees charged to those who can’t pay cash at electronic toll roads, and many drivers are steaming mad

The World's Hangover Cure Finally Comes to the U.S.

Bayer is marketing Berocca as a performance drink, but Australians know what it’s really for

The Consequences Of America’s Invasion Of Afghanistan: NYC Heroin Deaths Highest In A Decade

While back in May Obama promised America’s mission in Afghanistan was over, and all US troops would leave the country by the end of 2016, ...

Krugman And The Keynesian Chorus Are Lying: Japan's "Lost Decade" Is A Myth

Submitted by Peter St.Ongs (of Mises.org) via Contra Corner blog, One of the great economic myths of our time is Japan’s “lost decades.” As Japan ...

Marc Faber Slams US Intervention In Middle East, Warns "Whole Region Will Blow Up"

Excerpted from Global Gold interview with Marc Faber, Let’s talk about the ongoing power shift from the West to the East. Well, basically, everything is ...

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More Women Than Men Are Dying From Ebola

The current Ebola outbreak may ultimately infect as many as 20,000 people and a disproportionate number of those cases will be women, experts say. Since ...

How Going After Our Dreams and Overcoming Our Fears Helped Us Become a Family of Four

When our son turned 2, we decided that it was time to think about having a second child. We’d made it through those first parenting ...

Not My Job: Gov. Deval Patrick Gets Quizzed On Burning Man

The governor of the commonwealth of Massachusetts will answer three questions about the annual art festival taking place in the desert of northern Nevada. » ...

3 Strange Animal Stories (Video)

This week there were quite a few animal stories in the news. And a lot of them were flat-out bizarre — like a panda faking ...

Arkansas vs Auburn Live Stream: Time, Date, Channel for Tigers-Razorbacks

Arkansas will play Auburn at 4 p.m. ET on Saturday on the SEC Network. A live stream is available. Auburn is ranked No. 6, while ...

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Weakened Team USA still aiming for FIBA World Cup title

A significantly weakened Team USA is still aiming for the FIBA World Cup title, whose first round begins Saturday.

Ryu set to return to Dodgers’ rotation

Dodgers’ southpaw Hyun-Jin Ryu, who has been sidelined since August 15 with a strained glute, will make his return from the DL this Sunday.

Morse left hanging by Giants teammates

The Giants had a lot to celebrate Friday night at AT&T Park, but at least on one occasion, one of their teammates was left hanging.

Instant Replay: Giants soar past Brewers in hitting bonanza

Buster Posey finished 5-for-5 at the plate with three runs and three RBI, as Ryan Vogelsong silenced the Brewers in a 13-2 victory Friday night.

Report: Harrison not likely to sign with Cardinals

After reaching out to veteran free-agent linebacker James Harrison, the Cardinals were unable to come to terms with the five-time Pro Bowler.

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Patrick Warburton Set to Return in The Tick

The 2001 cult-classic series is set to return on Amazon, a source tells PEOPLE

See the Top Red Carpet Looks of the Week (and the Surprising Fashion Flop)

Editors pick the most buzz-worthy style moments

Sharon's Tate Sister Speaks about Manson Murders

After 45 years, Debra Tate opens up about the day that changed her life

Hot Looks: Hot Collections

So, How’s Burning Man Going So Far?

A former congressman gave a speech to a crowd that included a naked man with a pierced penis.

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The Mix

Gold Diggers Flock To Beach For Treasure Hunt

An artist says he has buried thousands of pounds worth of the metal on a beach and people can keep any gold they find.

Burmese Beauty Queen Runs Off With The Crown

Burmese beauty May Myat Noe was crowned Miss Asia Pacific World in the South Korean capital of Seoul but she has now vanished.

6 Bizarre Signs That Hollywood Is Stuck in a 10-Year Loop

By David Christopher Bell  Published: August 29th, 2014  If you’re one of those people who are worried that Hollywood has run out of ideas, fear ...

It's Time to Retire 'Doctor Who'

By Soren Bowie  Published: August 29th, 2014 

Writing Skills

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Obama's campaign no-fly zone

In the red states that will determine control of the Senate, Obama will remain scarce.

Key part of Texas abortion law halted

A judge declares a law unconstitutional that would have shut down most of the state’s clinics.

Perry serves up red meat at Koch-backed summit

The Texas governor’s remarks were heavy on his hawkish foreign policy stances.

Paul continues attacks against Clinton

He says Benghazi “precludes her from ever being considered” for the White House.

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Russian 'Soldiers Mothers Committees' — a US Covert Op?

A major component in the latest western government and media claims of a Russian invasion of Ukraine is protests of the various Russian “Soldiers’ Mothers ...

Ron Paul and Charles Goyette: Syria and Iraq the Fruits of Interventionism

It was only weeks ago that President Obama requested an extra $500 million dollars for Syrian rebels. Now we are told that the US must ...

About That Russian Invasion…

Day after day we hear new frantic claims of a Russian incursion into — or now, invasion of — Ukraine. Thousands of Russian troops are ...

Freedom and Moose on Patriot's Lament in Alaska

I joined Alaska freedom fighters Jim O’Connor and Joshua Bennett at the Patriot’s Lament radio program this week and I really would love for you ...

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