Ferguson ruling sparks Oakland protest that shuts down freeway

Sorrow and anger over the decision by a grand jury in Missouri not to indict a white police officer in the killing of an unarmed ...

Oakland protesters shut down Interstate 580

Hundreds of protesters marched onto Interstate 580 in Oakland’s Grand Lake area just after 8 p.m. Monday, blocking all of the westbound lanes and later ...

Financial District high-rises being taken over by techies

Having long since conquered SoMa and spread into Mid-Market, San Francisco’s high-octane technology boom is changing the face of another territory: the Financial District. Nondescript ...

Ferguson Verdict: Oakland Protesters Scuffle With Police

Update 9:31 p.m.: Protesters are clearing the freeway and the crowds are dwindling a bit, however some demonstrators are still tagging buildings  and smashing windows, ...

Ferguson Verdict: Oakland Asks Protesters to Keep Peace on the Street

With a verdict in the Ferguson case reached, but not yet announced, Oakland is prepping for the worst, and hoping for the best on the ...

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Report: Former Tinder execs launch Bumble, a dating app that looks like Tinder

A Tinder cofounder and VP who left the company is reportedly gearing up to launch a new “respectful” dating app, Bumble Whitney Wolfe left Tinder ...

8 tools to help you manage projects at work and at home

Post-its. Whiteboards. Hand-written to-do lists. Keeping projects organized, whether at home or in the office, used to require a whole lot of ink. In today’s ...

Google is enhancing mobile search results for easier holiday shopping

Happy holidays, mobile users. Google updated its search engine on Sunday to include fancier functions for smartphones and tablets that make your Christmas shopping easier. ...

Nexus 6 teardown reveals inner workings of Google's new phablet

The time for Google‘s Nexus 6 has come. The people at iFixit set their sights on the new phablet and have dismantled the device to ...

5 email myths you can stop believing now

Everyone has a different email ritual Maybe you send emails early in the morning, or late at night. Maybe you create insanely long subject lines ...

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Tesla Grabs a New (Old) Spokesman From Square

Ricardo Reyes previously ran communications at Tesla until 2012

The Secrets of Surviving the 10 Most Nightmarish Airports This Thanksgiving

Frequent flyers reveal the tricks and tips that make flying through North America’s most frustrating airports more tolerable.

The Tech Worker Shortage Doesn't Really Exist

Tech companies are pleading for more visas to address a problem scholars say they made up

President Obama Delivers A Statement On The Ferguson Ruling

“Some folks are protesting….” We are sure the calming words of The Cooperator-in-Chief will calm everything down in Ferguson…   President Obama Due To Speak ...

Global Business Confidence Collapses To Post-Lehman Lows

As we noted here, despite record high stock prices and talking-heads imploring investors to believe CEOs are confident, they are not (consider the clear indication ...

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The World's Best Marathons

What makes a marathon worth running? Well, other than the chance to challenge both your physical and mental limits and to prove to yourself that ...

Stay Fit for the Holidays: Tips for a Happy and Healthy Holiday Season

From Thanksgiving until New Year’s Day, you’re frequently bombarded with decadent treats and hefty holiday meals. This paired with the fact that your schedule during ...

Long-Lost Letter That Inspired 'On The Road' Style Has Been Found

Known as the “Joan Anderson Letter,” the 18-page, single-spaced, stream of consciousness note from Neal Cassady to Jack Kerouac was found amid the dusty papers ...

Overcoming Three Common Obstacles to a Secure Retirement

Do you think you’ve saved enough for retirement? Do you think you’ll ever retire? Research from such organizations as the Conference Board of Canada shows ...

George Zimmerman Dies? Died or ‘Found Dead After Accidentally Shooting Himself Loading Gun’ Report is Fake

George Zimmerman, the ex-neighborhood watch volunteer was acquitted in the death of teen Trayvon Martin last year, isn’t dead. A bogus report from a “satire” ...

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Sandoval: Leaving 'most difficult decision I have ever made'

Hours after informing the Giants that he will sign with the Red Sox, Pablo Sandoval posted a message to his fans in San Francisco.

Rewind: Speights, Warriors find way to win ugly

Elite NBA teams find ways to win ugly games. It’s a requirement of reaching the top, and Sunday’s performance in Oklahoma City shows the Warriors ...

LeBron on Cavaliers' issues: 'I stink'

The Cleveland Cavaliers are struggling, and then some. LeBron James believes he’s a major reason for their early failures.

Scouting the Giants' third base options for 2015

With Pablo Sandoval off to Boston, the Giants now begin the process of finding a new third baseman. Here are a few potential candidates.

Evans: Giants offered Sandoval sixth year

Pablo Sandoval chose the Boston Red Sox on Monday, and emerging details beg the question, ‘Why didn’t he return to San Francisco?’

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DWTS: Who Got 10s But Still Went Home?

Three couple remain for the show’s finale Tuesday night

Paralyzed Marine Walks Again Using Robotic Leg Braces (VIDEO)

Capt. Derek Herrera was paralyzed in combat in 2012

Grand Jury Won't Indict Ferguson Cop in Michael Brown Shooting

St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney Bob McCulloch announced the decision Monday evening

Two Sisters with One Vision Are Getting Radical

<b>Kate Middleton</b> May Be Getting <b>Prince Harry</b> the Cutest Christmas Present

Harry is in for a treat.

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The Mix

First Lady Gets Sarcastic 'Thanks' For Lunches

Michelle Obama’s push for healthier lunches is met with resistance as students share images of their unsavoury-looking meals.

Ex-Police Dog Employed To Sniff Out 'Fatbergs'

Hector can detect sewer blockages caused by build-ups of discarded fat by sniffing air gaps at ground level.

DRB Feel-Good Issue #23

“FEEL-GOOD ISSUE” #23Link – by Avi Abrams Some joyful stuff to brighten up your dayMixed images flow: cars, girls, etc. Welcome to the new issue ...

14 Movie Special Effects You Won't Believe Weren't CGI

By Robert Evans,David Christopher Bell,J.F. Sargent  Published: November 24th, 2014 

26 Famous Movies That Gave You Terrible Romantic Advice

By CRACKED Readers  Published: November 24th, 2014 

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How Obama Dumped Hagel

He ‘just wasn’t the man for the job,’ the president concluded.

No Justice, No Peace?

Opinion: Protests won civil rights. Riots set them back.

Kerry under fire for punting on Iran

The secretary is coming under increasing pressure to deliver an agreement or give up.

Philly hosts Ferguson protest: 'no racist police'

PHILADELPHIA (AP) – Several hundred protesters marched through downtown Philadelphia on Monday night, waving signs and chanting slogans, after a grand jury in Ferguson, Missouri, ...

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Beware of Our Betters

Jonathan Gruber’s several videotaped remarks about the gross deceptions that got ObamaCare passed in Congress should tell us a lot about the Obama…

A Legacy of Liberalism

Supreme Court Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes said there were “phrases that serve as an excuse for not thinking.” One of these phrases that…

Racial Quota Punishment

If anyone still has any doubt about the utter cynicism of the Obama administration, a recent agreement between the federal government and the…

What Happened?

Just what happened last week on election day? And what is going to happen in the years ahead?The most important thing that happened last week ...

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