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Expect a rebound after heat abates slightly


David Hall, 5, thrust his hands into the water at the Alameda County Fairgrounds, his small brow damp with sweat.

The temperature had hit 102 degrees, making the nearby grills lined with sausages and burgers seem redundant. Hall’s parents had heard the sound of gurgling water from a display for a local hot-tub company and brought him over. The water was not hot, thankfully.

“He’s suffering from the heat,” said David’s father, Bob, 49, keeping a watchful eye on the boy. “He’s just not as energetic as he would be.”

The same could be said Sunday for most residents of the East Bay, as the heat wave pushed thermometers above 100 degrees in many inland spots. While Gay Pride revelers in San Francisco basked in sunshine and temperatures just below 70, cities away from the ocean and the bay endured a thorough broiling.

Source: www.sfgate.com

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