August 2013 Archive

President Obama turns to Congress to OK strike against Syria

8/31 (NBC) – President Barack Obama said Saturday he will seek authorization from Congress before launching any military action.

The Return of the Dodgy Dossier

8/31 (Antiwar) – The case for bombing Syria is unraveling.

The Gender Wage Gap Lie

8/31 (Slate) – You know that “women make 77 cents to every man’s dollar” line you’ve heard a hundred times? It’s not true.

Where did earnings go? Profit outlook gets gloomy

8/31 (CNBC) – A second quarter earnings season that initially showed so much promise quietly tailed away at the end

Swiss Suicide Prompts the Question: What’s Undue Stress in a C-Suite?

8/31 (Bizweek) – One of the business world’s sadder and more macabre stories is coming out of serene Switzerland this week.

Apple Will Pay for Old IPhones. Is It a Good Deal?

8/31 (Bizweek) – What’s in it for the company? And what’s in it for you?

SFPD Putting Video Cameras On Plainclothes Cops To Counter Allegations Of Misconduct

8/31 (CBS Local) – SF police supervisors serving search warrants will soon be wearing video cameras on their chests.

SF Bay Area Bike Share launches Thursday

8/31 (KALW) – Bay Area Bike Share will launch its pilot program on Thursday.

Nearly a half a million. BART Hits Third-Highest Ridership Day Thursday

8/31 (SF Appeal) – The closure of the Bay Bridge led BART to have the third-highest daily ridership total in its history.

E. coli linked to popular SF restaurant

8/31 (SF Gate) – SF’s Dept of Public Health is investigating an E. coli outbreak that infected 14 people earlier this month.

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