October 2013 Archive

Coast to Coast in under 29 hours: Mercedes CL driver sets new record

(Mail) – …averaging 98mph in car he spent months fitting with gadgets to keep eye out for police.

Can an Argentine Animated Film Rival Hollywood Blockbusters?

(New Yorker) – On a Friday afternoon in September, Vicente Canales’s iPhone began to vibrate with messages almost immediately after a private screening…

A Real-Time Map of Births and Deaths

(Atlantic) – This simulation gives an eerily omniscient vantage on the world as it fills.

Why Hot Water Freezes Faster Than Cold – Physicists Solve the Mpemba Effect

(Medium) – Aristotle first noticed that hot water freezes faster than cold water but chemists have always struggled to explain the paradox. Until now.

How to Build a Fame Monster

(Slate) – Lady Gaga’s grass-roots approach to stardom transformed into a blockbuster strategy.

Wanted: Adoring Female Students

(Slate) – Do male professors need and seek out attention from their female students?

Google Launches Nexus 5, Android KitKat

(Mashable) – Google unveiled its next-generation smartphone, the Nexus 5, alongside the Android 4.4 operating system KitKat…

Craigslist Beware: Roomidex Is The New Way For 20-Year-Olds To Find Roommates

(Forbes) – Meet Medha Khandelwal and Merritt Hummer, co-founders of Roomidex, a recently-launched website that helps people find roommates in big cities…

Florida Cops Made Millions Dealing Cocaine: The Latest Asset Forfeiture Outrage

(Forbes) – It sounds like a plot ripped straight from Grand Theft Auto V.

Is This The End Of The Chilean Economic Miracle?

(Forbes) – This November, Chile will face what could prove to be the most important presidential and parliamentary election since…1990

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