October 2013 Archive

“Happy Ending, Right?”

(Slate) – The founder of Victoria’s Secret had a genius idea. But he couldn’t see just how far it could go.

Why Proprietary Big Data Technologies Have No Hope Of Competing With Hadoop

(readwrite) – Big Data is a big market, but most of the value will be captured by users, not vendors.

Twitter Now Fills Your Feed With Photos

(Mashable) – Remember the old days, when you used to have to click on a picture in Twitter to see it? No longer.

Automatic roti maker Rotimatic joins the bread-maker family

(CNET) – The Rotimatic is a countertop appliance that can produce one roti per minute.

Obamacare loophole rocks Hill

(Politico) – Members of the House and Senate may quietly allow their aides to stay off the exchange, and keep their current plan.

Shale Gas Boom At ‘Tip Of Iceberg’

(Forbes) – Despite warnings that the shale gas boom would wither, industry is getting pumped in certain areas as their numbers are only headed higher.

The hottest job skill is…

(CNN Money) – What is it? Fluency in a foreign language.

Turkey fulfils sultan’s dream with Bosphorus tunnel

(AFP) – Turkey on Tuesday formally opened the world’s first sea tunnel connecting two continents

Google takes secrecy to new heights with mystery barge

(Reuters) – How badly does Google want to keep under wraps a mysterious project taking shape on a barge in San Francisco Bay?

Social Security Benefits To Go Up By 1.5 Percent

(AP) – Social Security benefits for nearly 58 million people will increase by 1.5 percent next year

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