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Chipotle: The One That Got Away From McDonald’s

(Bus. Week) – When it sold out completely seven years ago, after ramping Chipotle up from 16 locations to more than 500, the Golden Arches ...

A global wine shortage could soon be upon us

(Quartz) – It isn’t only France that’s suffering from a growing dearth of wine—it’s the entire world…

Forging an Art Market in China

(NY Times) -…in May 2011, “Eagle Standing on a Pine Tree,” a 1946 ink painting by Qi Baishi…had drawn a startling price: $65.4 million.

Mixed-use development proposed at Mission BART Plaza site

(SF Examiner) – The crime-prone corner of Mission and 16th streets – the location of the 16th Street Mission BART station – could be transformed…

Pedestrian-vehicle injury collisions rising in San Francisco

(SF Examiner) – Last year, according to Police Department data, there was a 12-year high of 948 such injury collisions.

Chinese investor activity in San Francisco real estate reaching fever pitch

(SF Gate) – Chinese investors have been showing record breaking interest in San Francisco real estate…

Embassy Espionage: The NSA’s Secret Spy Hub in Berlin

(Spiegel) – According to SPIEGEL research, United States intelligence agencies have …used the American Embassy in Berlin as a listening station.

Feds report $9.7B loss on GM shares

(Detroit News) -…on the sale of nearly all of its shares it received as part of its $49.5 billion bailout.

People biologically take pleasure in the pain of others

(UPI) – U.S. researchers find people are biologically responsive to taking pleasure in the pain of others — Schadenfreude — at least if they envy ...

“Riots always begin typically the same way”: Food stamp shutdown looms Friday

(Salon) – The head of the largest food bank says the $5 billion annual cut will take a week of meals off millions’ plates.

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