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Nearly 1.5 Million Lose Health Insurance Due to ObamaCare

(Breitbart) – …the National Center for Public Policy Research discovered that 1.5 million insurance cancellations have already gone out.

Brazilian surfer Carlos Burle may have set new big wave record in Portgual

(CBS) – Less than a year after Hawaii native Garrett McNamara set what many believed to be an impossibly high bar in big wave surfing…

Obama admin. knew millions could not keep their health insurance

(NBC) – President Obama repeatedly assured Americans…people who liked their health insurance would be able to keep it.

Which 9 Household Items Will Make Your Hormones Go Haywire?

(Mother Jones) – So I set out to identify some the items in my apartment that might be making my hormones go haywire.

A Churchill ‘Quote’ That U.S. Politicians Will Never Surrender

(NPR) – Thanks to the Internet, Rees says, it’s easier these days to check the validity of famous quotations.

20th Century Rewritten to Get More Clicks

(xkcd) – How headlines of historical events would have been written in the Internet age.

Chinese Buildings with Fake Windows Painted On

(Kotaku) – In the city of Qingdao, a new apartment complex is raising eyebrows. Some of the windows, it seems, aren’t windows. They’re paint.


(New Yorker) – The search for the hottest chili.

5 video games for people who don’t play video games

If you’re curious about gaming but not sure where to start, check out these beautiful, nontraditional games

Why The Visual Web Is A Billion Dollar Trend

(readwrite) – Instagram. Tumblr. Now Pinterest. Here’s why the Visual Web is a billion dollar bet.

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