October 2013 Archive

The Beginner’s Guide to Google+

(Mashable) – When Google+ entered the social space in 2011, it was met largely with skepticism.

Thermoelectric Bracelet Heats or Cools Your Body in One Switch

(Mashable) – …With colder temperatures rolling in, you may feel inclined to turn up the heat — which, in turn, turns up the price on ...

Aqualibrium uses fish to grow plants, and plants to grow fish

(gizmag) – Home aquaponics kits, which combine fish and plants in a symbiotic relationship, are becoming more and more popular.

Review: Tesla Motors all-electric Model S is fast—but is it a good car?

(Ars Technica) – Ars drives a Model S for 500 miles to try to find the soul inside the machine.

Senator Rand Paul Is Right To Hold Up Janet Yellen’s Nomination

(Forbes) – …tactic which seeks a bipartisan vote on his Federal Reserve transparency bill, S. 209.

Facing the financial issues when unmarried couples split

(CNBC) – You put your heart into your live-in relationship, but you didn’t put your name on a marriage license.

For American Restaurant Chains, the Future Is Mexican

(Bus. Week) – Yum! Brands’ most profitable fast-food chain in the U.S. isn’t Pizza Hut or KFC–for years, it’s been Taco Bell.

Reagan Revolution Misses Tax Fiefdoms Flourishing in U.S.

(Bloomberg) – Nothing thrives in Illinois like local government — almost 7,000 units that tax, spend and drive up debt…

Walesa calls for ‘secular Ten Commandments’

(AFP) – Nobel peace prize winner Lech Walesa called Monday for a new set of “secular Ten Commandments”…

Saudis put the brakes on women driving protest

(AFP) – Saudi authorities have warned that protesters or online backers of a planned October 26 protest against a ban on women’s driving face arrest.

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