December 2013 Archive

Cops: Man Flashes Gun at McDonalds, Demands Job Application

(Breitbart) – 31-year-old Tevin Kievelle Monroe…took an unorthodox approach to procuring employment.

Liquid nitrogen may help to clean up Beijing smog, scientists say

(SCMP) – Scientists say pumping the super-cold gas into the atmosphere had the best results in tests

Gov’t wasted $30 billion on ‘pillownauts,’ crystal goblets — buying human urine!

(Wash. Times) – Senator reports catalogues unnecessary spending…

Jerry Brown, urged to run for president, won’t rule out 2016 bid

(LA Times) – If he weren’t the nation’s oldest governor, a ripe 75, Jerry Brown would automatically be counted among serious Democratic candidates…

Warriors respond to Jackson, earn rare stress-free win

(CSN Bay Area) – This game was completely theirs, from tip-to-buzzer, the Pelicans little more than stage props with a heartbeat…

I Got Myself Arrested So I Could Look Inside the Justice System

(Atlantic) – A former prosecutor fights the law and lets it win.

Why do Americans write the month before the day?

(Guardian) – We explore the possible reasons for this mad anomaly and hear your explanations…

How tight jeans almost ruined America’s money

(Wash. Post) – Fashion comes at a price. But who knew that it would claim our entire system of money?

What did the world search for in 2013?

(Google) – Google Zeitgeist 2013…

Awesome wind map of Earth

( – Real-time updates…

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