January 2014 Archive

What Are Nightmares Made Of?

(Pacific Standard) – In this particular study, the psychologists asked 572 participants to record their dreams for two to five weeks.

With Paper, Facebook just blew its own iPhone app out of the water

(The Verge) – This morning, Facebook is announcing a new standalone iPhone app called Paper.

Evolution, You’re Drunk

(Nautilus) – DNA studies topple the ladder of complexity.

Jerry Seinfeld Reveals New Details About ‘Secret’ Project

(CBS) – The ‘Show About Nothing’ seems like it will be making some kind of return…

Why the rich are freaking out

“…a bunch of people … see conspiracies everywhere and believe this inequality issue will turn into serious class warfare,” said someone who asked not to ...

Record Temperatures Freeze a Path to the Spectacular Lake Superior Ice Caves

(Colossal) – Lake Superior has frozen thick enough to safely permit access to ice caves in northern Wisconsin, and spectacular photos of them.

“Honey Encryption” Will Bamboozle Attackers with Fake Secrets

(MIT Technology Review) – A new approach to encryption beats attackers by presenting them with fake data.

“Startling number” of American web users are no longer paying attention to “the news”

(The New Yorker) – And the number of people whom the study shows to be paying attention to the news online is consistent with the ...

Map: ‘How Much Snow It Typically Takes to Cancel School in the U.S.

(The Atlantic) – The geography of the snow day, courtesy of Reddit user Alexandr Trubetskoy

Microsoft Said to Be Preparing to Make Satya Nadella CEO

(Bloomberg) – Nadella emerged as one of the stronger candidates to replace departing CEO Steve Ballmer.

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