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Can Snowboarding Be Saved?

(Outside) – Shortsighted marketers are riding snowboarding into the ground, but there may still be hope to keep the sport alive.

Lenovo to buy Google’s Motorola in China’s largest tech deal

(Reuters) – It is Lenovo’s second major deal on U.S. soil in a week as the Chinese electronics company angles to get a foothold in ...

Parents searching for daughter and her church told they’re “Looking for the cult”

(Texas Monthly) – “The saints,” as they were beginning to refer to themselves, were not merely “playing church” but also “fighting the Lord’s battles in ...

Fragile Minds: Inside an Iranian Mental Hospital

(Time) The first time Abbas Hajimohammadi Saniabadi visited a hospital in Tehran, he had one question for the head doctor: Can I come back?

The Original Barbie House: Inside Jayne Mansfield’s Mansion

(Messy Nessy) – It doesn’t get more kitsch (or pink) than screen siren Jayne Mansfield’s Sunset Boulevard home circa 1960.

Psychobiotics: How gut bacteria mess with your mind

(New Scientist) – Is your gut telling you something?

You can win the aging game by exercising

(The New York Times) – Successful aging: no chronic disease, depression, cognitive decline or physical infirmities to prevent you from living independently.

Book Review: Capitalism vs. Democracy

(The New York Times) – Author says capitalism presents a dilemma: entrepreneurs become increasingly dominant over those who own only their own labor.

Comparing Obamacare to Its Alternative

(The New York Times) – “…we finally have a Republican counterproposal: the Patient Choice, Affordability, Responsibility and Empowerment…”

Spy Agencies Tap Data Streaming From Phone Apps

(The New York Times) – Spies could be snatching data app-users’ personal information, according to secret British intelligence documents.

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