January 2014 Archive

My personal Fox News nightmare

(Salon) – Writer subjected herself to “Fox News torture” to observe “an alternate reality.”

Green cooking, recharging, water bottling, lunch toting, and cleaning up

(Salon) – A series of articles about ingenious inventions that are helping solve environmental problems.

Coast to coast in a Tesla Model S, using only free Superchargers

(San Jose Mercury) – “Electric cars are normal; they are not oddities,” the retired professor of biochemistry said.

California’s ‘wall of debt’ is only a slice of its liability problem

(San Jose Mercury) – …look behind that $24.9 billion wall and you’ll see a $330 billion skyline of other liabilities…

Edward Snowden nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

(San Jose Mercury) – Two Norwegian politicians say his disclosures of secret U.S. documents have contributed to making the world more peaceful.

17 California communities could run out of water

(San Jose Mercury) – State official says, “This is a serious drought.”

Warriors take step in wrong direction

(CSN Bay Area) -…shot only 37.5 percent …pug-ugly 88-85 loss….

Google’s Grand Plan to Make Your Brain Irrelevant

(Wired) – The web’s most powerful company is on a mission to build a digital brain that’s as much like the human mind as possible.

Scientists find the itch neurons

(Discover Magazine) – Until recently, scientists trying to understand why we itch had barely scratched the surface.

New Efforts to Free a Captive Killer Whale

(Outside) – A popular performing orca may get listed under the Endangered Species Act. Her freedom rests on the decision.

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