February 2014 Archive

Remains of military fortress found beneath Alcatraz

(BBC) – Prof Everett points to a spot where he has found evidence of a subterranean tunnel system.

Uber Cab Confessions

(GQ) – …what GQ’s Mickey Rapkin discovered after spending one week as an Uber driver.

Map shows the most played artist in each state over the last year

(Music Machinery) – …just a handful of artists dominates the listening of wide areas of the country.

The Videogame That Finally Made Me Feel Like a Human Being

(Wired) – “No one wants to be a woman,” cartoonist and noted misogynist Dave Sim once said… Judging by most video games, you’d think he ...

Everything That’s Wrong With You From A Photographer’s Perspective

(Business Insider) – What does a photographer/expert Photoshopper see when they’re processing a  photo?

Netflix/Fitbit Hack Detects When You’ve Fallen Asleep, Auto-Pauses Your Movie

(Tech Crunch) – It uses the data from a Fitbit to determine when you’ve fallen asleep while watching a streaming movie, and pauses your flick ...

Obama’s Trauma Team

(Time) – How an unlikely group of high-tech wizards revived Obama’s troubled HealthCare.gov website.

Woman Robbed, Assaulted for Wearing Google Glass in a Bar

(Mashable) - The incident highlights the social complications associated with wearing Google Glass…

Hair-Raising Subway Ad Blows Away the Competition

(Mashable) - A clever outdoor ad from Sweden uses a bit of technology to transcend the limits of the medium.

Girl, 11, shoots cougar that was following her brother, 14, into their home

(Daily Mail) - The cougar had been spotted near the family’s home twice in the days prior to the shooting…

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