February 2014 Archive

Searching for truth in Venezuela

(CNN) – The ongoing protests grabbed the world’s attention on February 12, when two anti-government protesters and one government supporter were killed.

WhatsApp’s Founder Goes From Food Stamps to Billionaire

(MSN Money) - The $19 billion deal to sell WhatsApp Inc. to Facebook started at Yahoo! Inc. more than five years ago …

Tesla Will Be First With Autonomous Driving

(Forbes) - Musk clarified that Tesla wasn’t necessarily working on a self-driving car …but that he prefers the term “autopilot” …

Netflix speeds lag for Verizon users amid dispute

(CNN Money) - Having trouble streaming “House of Cards?” A stand-off involving Verizon and Netflix may be to blame.

Man Charged In Supermarket Sword Attack

(CBS MIAMI) — A terrifying Wednesday night at the Presidente Supermarket when Hector Hechavarria charged into the store, with a sword in hand.

California farmers won’t get federal water

(Yahoo News) – …without a lot more rain and snow many California farmers caught in the state’s drought can expect to receive no irrigation water ...

Ratings: Is CNN’s Piers Morgan Shooting Himself in the Foot?

(Variety) - The show, hosted by anti-gun crusader Morgan, continues to struggle in the Nielsens.

Study: 25 Percent Of American Workers Always Go To Work When Sick

(CBS Atlanta) – The study … also found that one-third of Americans admit to waiting until their symptoms are full blown until deciding to stay at home.

Mapping the long and short of sex

(WTOP) - A not-very-scientific ranking of states determined those that have the longest and shortest duration of sex.

Edward Snowden leaks spur new privacy industry

(Financial Times) – …  companies are offering ways to keep what is secret, secret  …

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