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Warriors grind out OT win over Rockets

(CSN Bay Area) – …somehow the Warriors found the will to outlast the Rockets, taking a 102-99 overtime victory…

5 Crazy Things We May Soon Be Able To 3D Print

(Readwrite) - In five to 10 more years, 3D printing capabilities could be incredible.

A Savvy Girl Scout Is Selling Cookies at a Cannabis Clinic in San Francisco

(Mashable) - ”It’s all about location, and what better place to sell Girl Scout cookies than outside a medical cannabis collective?”

Finland Makes Reindeer Glow in the Dark to Avoid Car Crashes

(Mashable) – …a Finnish organization is testing the effectiveness of a reflective spray that will make the animals more visible to drivers…

Google Fiber chooses nine metro areas for possible expansion

(Ars Technica) - Google Fiber is ready to expand, as Google has identified nine metro areas scattered around the country …

Scientists discover ‘violence gene’…

(Daily Mail) - A ‘violence’ gene turns some children into video game ‘junkies’ – and could also be linked to ADHD.

Average obese woman gets just 1 hour of exercise a year

(HealthDay News) – The findings startled the researchers, whose main focus was finding better ways to measure how much exercise people get.

Artificial ‘Yarn Muscles’ 100X Stronger Than Human Muscles

(Yahoo News) - Using just coiled fishing line and sewing thread, a team of scientists has developed a way to create super-strong artificial muscles.

Latest News Plan To Split California Into Six States Gets OK To Gather Signatures

(CBS SF) - Supporters of a plan to divide California into six sates can begin collecting signatures to get the proposal on the ballot.

Fugitive Captured After Going Down 17 Story Trash Chute

(CBS Denver) - A fugitive on the run was captured and cuffed after he went down 17 stories in a trash chute while trying to escape ...

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