February 2014 Archive

Governor: Colorado Pot Market Exceeds Tax Hopes

(AP) – The governor predicted sales and excise taxes next fiscal year would produce some $98 million, well above a $70 million annual estimate …

West Virginia Ranks Last for Well-Being. Again.

(National Journal) - A new survey of state-by-state well-being in the U.S. has more bad news …

Policy makers reach foggy conclusions about driving under the influence of marijuana

(The New York Times) – Cheech and Chong’s fictional arrest for doing 20 on the freeway portrays the way real-life stoners actually drive.

Are We Living in a Black Hole?

(National Geographic) – Can the “seed of a new universe” “spark the production of every other particle, … galaxy, solar system, planet, and person”?

10 tips for Japanese traveling in America

(Mental Floss) – “They Have Free Time All Week Long! … whether you are a student, working person, or housewife…”

The Bell Curve is a Myth

(Linked in) -  In 198 samples, the Bell Curve model didn’t apply 94 percent of the time.

In 2009, Facebook could have hired the guy to build what they just paid him $19B for

(Tech Crunch) – “If you can’t join ‘em, beat ‘em!”

Kansas bill would allow spanking that leaves marks

(Yahoo News) - A Kansas lawmaker is proposing a bill that would allow teachers, caregivers and parents to spank children hard enough to leave marks.

Brain Implant Lets One Monkey Control Another

(Live Science) – In work inspired partly by the movie “Avatar,” one monkey could control the body of another monkey using thought alone …

Chinese fraudster fakes superhuman powers to rob victims

(The Telegraph) -  A Chinese con-woman created a “superhuman” alter ego and claimed she possessed powers of invisibility …

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