March 2014 Archive

My Arabian Night: How an Obama pool stop went viral

A stream of “mediocre iPhone photos” managed to captivate and anger the country Twitter community.

Obama's overseas trip: 5 takeaways

He displays a foreign policy agenda that looks more robust and consequential than his domestic one.

Sneak preview of Comcast war

Opponents of the $45 billion megadeal are beginning to organize and devise strategy.

Senate torture report examines hunt for bin Laden

WASHINGTON (AP) – A hotly disputed Senate torture report concludes that waterboarding and other harsh interrogation methods provided no key evidence in the hunt for ...

GOP senators back restoration of Bush-era missile defense to punish Putin over actions in Crimea

The Obama administration is failing to seize on a rare strategic chance, presented by Russia’s increasingly aggressive military posturing around Ukraine, to expand the U.S. ...

Democrats behaving badly: Scandals taint party in a tough election year

A flood of corruption scandals involving state and local Democratic Party lawmakers is threatening to muddy the party’s image as it enters what was already ...

Civil rights groups appeal voter registration form ruling

Civil rights groups on Friday appealed a federal court decision that said states can require proof of citizenship on their voter registration forms — a ...

Christie putting the bridge behind him

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie says the George Washington Bridge scandal won’t derail his presidential aspirations, as he looks to rebuild his public persona two ...

The Walking Dead Season Finale: PEOPLE's TV Critic Sounds Off

With speculation about a major character’s death, the final episode of the season aired Sunday night

Josh Elliott Leaving Good Morning America for NBC Sports

Elliott is being replaced by Amy Robach as the morning show’s news anchor

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