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Crazy (and Dangerous) Railroads

Link – article by Avi Abrams

Landslide on a Harrowing (though Scenic) Railroad

Being a part of our popular “Dangerous Roads” series, this quick update will show you the harrowing Tua rail line (a metre gauge railway) in Northern Portugal. Operating since 1887 and closed in 2008, this line has a rich and somewhat frightening history.

(images credit: Ernst Schade, Aventar)

For many years this Portuguese railroad was known for an extraordinary large number of derailments and train accidents. It came to a point when some railroad officials even started to suspect terrorism. And then, one day the ground gave way completely, resulting in a significant landslide – the road has been closed since 2008, with parts of it now serving as a hiking trail:

(images via Pedro Miguel Ribeiro Martins)

Here is a pretty good gallery of Linha do Tua railroad on Flickr (with some abandoned stretches and a pretty creepy tunnel). Right image below shows the abandoned Mirandela-Braganca railroad near Vilar de Ledra:

(image credit: Ernst Schade)

Interestingly, “though actual train services have been withdrawn, it is still possible travel as a passenger with a CP ticket using the replacement road service.” (info). Check out this wonderfully atmospheric “Tunel das Fragas Mas”, full of “Forgotten Realms” and epic fantasy overtones:

(image credit: Duarte Belo)

Another dangerous railroad and “Devil’s Bridge” in Siberia

This part of the legendary BAM Siberian railroad goes over the Severo-Muiski pass – and includes one of the most dangerous bridges in existence (even nicknamed the “Devil’s Bridge” by Russian railroad drivers and engineers) due to its extreme curve, a steep incline immediately preceding it, and the flimsy support columns:

(images via)

Article by Avi Abrams, Dark Roasted Blend.