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DRB Feel-Good Issue #24

Link – by Avi Abrams

Some joyful stuff to brighten up your day
Mixed images flow: cars, girls, etc.

Welcome to the new issue of Dark Roasted Blend’s “Feel-Good” series: mostly bright and sweet collection of images designed to propel you along your day with a smile on your face and a spring in your gait.


Gothic majesty could be found in Chicago in the 1930s:

(image credit: The Bettmann Archive)

This season do not forget about classic fantasy and angelic art by Michael Whelan:

(image credit: Michael Whelan)

This sophisticated, most wonderful example of line art is worth a closer look to take in all the details… “Up North” by Gael Bertrand:

(image credit: Gael Bertrand)

The “Forbidden Planet” movie poster (fragment):


Mixed fresh links for today:

World’s Simplest Electric Train – [fascinating]
The Shock Diamond – [an interesting phenomenon]
Finally, a bit of a good news – [cool info]
Typography in the “Alien” – [geek investigation]
Some good photos of “Orion” rocket engines – [to Mars, to Mars!]
10 Years Spent Carving a Cave – [wow art]
Extreme Firecracker Setup in China – [wow video]
How about some coffee underwater? – [wow video]
Meanwhile in Russia, a Kitten – [fun videos]
DIY Sterling Engine Tank – [wow video]
Wizards of Winter: Christmas Street Lights – [wow video]
This Kenworth is somewhat strange… – [fun video]
Motorcycle Stunts on a Roller Coaster – [wow video]
Zoigame to play, if bored – [gaming]



The Marbles – “Only One Woman” (epic song, UK 1966)
Henry Purcell – “Te Deum in D” (baroque 1694, a good alternative to Handel’s “Messiah”)
Al Bano & Romina Power – “Tornero” (romantic song, Italy 1979)
Paul Mauriat – “I Waited For You (Ce Soir Je T’Attendais)” (instrumental, France 1968)
The Ladybug Transistor – “Oceans in the Hall” (neo-baroque pop, 2001)
Kai Warner Orchestra – “A Man Without Love” (great version, Germany 1969)
Summer’s Children – “Dancing Dandelion”, “Sunshine Today” (Curt Boettcher’s sunshine pop, 1967)
The Quick – “Bert’s Apple Crumble” (good-time instrumental, 1970)
Harambee – “Birgitta” (1969 Swedish pop)
Area 51 – “Jupiter Beyond” (excellent Dutch space-synth, 2008)
Pupo – “Non Mi Arrendevo Mai” (relaxing, romantic song, Italy 1981)
Ennio Morricone – “Le Luci Si Spengono” from “I Magi Randagi” movie (instrumental, Italy 1996)
Three’s a Crowd – “I Don’t Wanna Drive You Away” (great 1966 psych pop)
The Moody Blues – “Emily’s Song” (UK baroque pop, 1971)
Paul McCartney – “Friends To Go” (great recent pop, 2005)
The Paper Garden – “Mr. Mortimer” (good-time pop psych, UK 1968)
Angelo Francesco Lavagnino – “Archimede E Clio” from “L’assedio di Siracusa” (epic sword-&-sandal movie OST, 1960)
The Kik – “The Shape Of Things To Come” (2013, Dutch neo-Merseybeat)
Georges Delerue – Theme from “Tours Du Monde, Tours Du Ciel” (beautiful melody, France 1991)
Ennio Morricone – “Santa Fe’ Express” from “7 Pistole Per I MacGregor” (epic western theme, Italy 1965)
Inger Lise Rypdal – “Innan gryningen ar har” (beautiful song in Swedish, from the “Enkel resa” movie, 1988)

Famous “robotic” helmets of French electronic music duo “Daft Punk”:



1966 Jeep Wagoneer: “Your wife will be twice as safe this winter with Jeep 4-wheel drive” -

Toyota Carina, a great example of the 1980s Japanese design:

Classy! This is the Peugeot 404 from the 1960s:

(image via)

Steam bike, sent to us by Lyn – see the video here:

(images credit: Lyn)



BEAUTIFUL ACTRESSES: Susan Hayward, France Anglade, Norma Shirer, Mireille Darc, Sandra Milo, Inger Lise Rypdal, and more:

Norma Shirer in a beautiful Art Deco shot

Susan Hayward

Felicitas Woll; bottom image – 1954 Hudson Italia Coupe

Deborah Walley

Hayley Mills

Wencke Myhre, France Anglade

Alain Delon and Mireille Darc – and a Russian 1980 car “Volga 24″ doing a jump

Agnetha Faltskog

Sandra Milo

Sally Field

Jane Fonda

Natalie Wood and Jane Fonda

Inger Lise Rypdal, Sweden

Terry Moore

Zooey Deschanel

Natalia Selezneva in the “Priklyuchenya Shurika” Russian movie

Colleen Corby

Natasha Koroleva, in the early 1990s

Hayley Mills in “The Moon-Spinners”

Sally Field

Japanese manga cover “Air Gear” by Oh!Great, plus some eclectic Italian space-synth LP covers:

Space Songs, LP cover from the 1950s:


Random Book Dispenser

Here is something very close to what we are doing here on Dark Roasted Blend with our random “Time Slices” – pick a random book, “every book a surprise!”. Seen in a Monkey’s Paw store in Toronto, Ontario, this vending machine accepts $2 for any book and completes transaction with a triumphant old telephone bell ring! See how it works here.

Or, collect all 112 million titles! Sounds tempting.


Banksy? -

Cats in Perfect Sync! -

Don’t do this to your cat -

… because -

In anticipation of Christmas, here is a little laugh:

Until next time! Keep the sunshine, folks.