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Medieval technology, indistinguishable from magic

In 807 the Abbasid caliph in Baghdad, Harun al-Rashid, sent Charlemagne a gift the like of which had never been seen in the Christian empire: ...

How Can I Know Right From Wrong? Watch Philosophy Animations on Ethics Narrated by Harry Shearer

// The history of moral philosophy in the West hinges principally on a handful of questions: Is there a God of some sort? An afterlife? ...

Leo Tolstoy’s 17 “Rules of Life:” Wake at 5am, Help the Poor, & Only Two Brothel Visits Per Month

Many aspiring epic novelists surely wouldn’t mind writing like Leo Tolstoy. But can you write like the writer you admire without living like the writer you admire? Biographies reveal plenty of facts about how the author ...

Draymond: Warriors want to take Clippers' heads off

The Warriors and Clippers tangle Tuesday with nothing on the line, but Draymond Green doesn’t think that will dampen the intensity of the game.

Curry named Western Conference Player of the Week

For the second time this season, Warriors point guard Stephen Curry has been named Western Conference Player of the Week.

Draymond: 'I don’t want to sit,' but he may not play vs. Clippers

Draymond Green may not play against the Clippers on Tuesday night. Although he wants to suit up, he understands the big picture…

Panik hits third home run of spring in Giants' loss to Cubs

Joe Panik had two hits Monday, including his third home run of the spring, in the Giants’ 8-5 loss to the Cubs in Mesa.

Trend: Sports franchise valuations skyrocketing

There’s plenty to appreciate in the world of sports. But the most important appreciation is what’s happening to the value of pro sports franchises.

Giants spring training Day 39: Hudson not worried about rotation

Tim Hudson’s final Cactus League tune-up didn’t go well, but the Giants’ starter isn’t worried about carryover into the regular season.

Report: LB Philip Wheeler visiting 49ers

After a pair of retirements, the 49ers find themselves short on linebackers. They are reportedly entertaining a new option on Monday.

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