April 2015 Archive

Obama trade bill in trouble

The measure, a top White House priority, is drawing serious opposition from both parties.

Rubio sticking by Iran amendments

He has no plans to back off his amendments to the bill.

Saudi shakeup poses royal puzzle for U.S.

The king’s abrupt elevation of a “brash” young son leaves Washington asking: Who is Mohammed bin Salman?

Hillary's criminal justice plan: Reverse Bill's policies

With bipartisan concern about mass incarceration rising, both Clintons are calling for reform.

House yanks first spending bill off the floor

Eliminating part of a Pentagon increase would throw the House budget and spending process into disarray.

Ex-US rep seeks to expand lobbying, consulting firm

TOPEKA, Kan. (AP) – The lobbying and consulting firm of a former U.S. representative has sent letters to several Kansas businesses offering to represent their ...

No groom? No problem. But lawmakers seek proxy wedding limit

DENVER (AP) – In Colorado, couples can get married with only one of the parties present for the occasion, a holdover from the Vietnam War ...

Young immigrants in Arizona want in-state tuition

TUCSON, Ariz. (AP) – Young immigrants who are protected from deportation under a federal program say they deserve to pay in-state tuition rates at Arizona ...

Ted Cruz 'hitting on a lot of cylinders' in presidential campaign

Sen. Ted Cruz’s month-old presidential campaign has won strong reviews from GOP insiders in key states who say he’s managed to tap into the anti-establishment ...

Jeh Johnson touts border security, eyes improvements

Homeland Security still won’t have a complete handle on the border by the end of President Obama’s tenure, department Secretary Jeh Johnson admitted to Congress ...

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