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#230Week of April 20, 2015

Satellite Eyes Only: Huge Calibration Symbols – [unexpected]
Inside the Ice Cave – [wow nature, photo]
Pemmican: Wild West Indian Fast Food – [interesting]
Absolutely Gorgeous Robot Concept Art – [explore the site]
Buried Alive: Avalanche survivor – [extreme, article]
Areva Creosot Humongous Hydraulic Press – [wow tech]
Wildly-Colored Apartment Complex in Kiev, Ukraine – [architecture]
Ankaris: SF Art of Wayne Haag – [scifi art]
Model Model Model Village – [via Reddit]
how Humans Discovered Cheese – [fascinating]
Check out these videos for Elite:Dangerous – [wow scifi]
This is how they repair old books in Japan – [oddly satisfying]
Neat Device for Victorian Women- [retro tech]
Outstanding Aerial Drone Photography by Amos Chapple – [wow gallery]
The Whole Run of “Popular Electronics” – [from 1954 to 1982]
Retro VHS Packaging for Modern Movies – [neat idea]
Can’t use this radio! – [FM on your smartphone]
Did you see this? Chameleon Surprise – [wow video]
The Most Insane Climbing Video on YouTube – [wow video]
Pulling car out of the frozen lake, Russian style – [wow video]
Impressive railroad track-laying machine – [wow video]
Car is tossed by wind like a toy – [wow video]
Snake Using Coils to Get Up the Tree – [wow video]
Remember Bob Ross & “The Joy of Painting”? – [soothing, video]
Weird Storm Darkness in Salihorsk, Belarus – [wow videos]
Excavators vs. Extreme Mud – [wow video]
Barbie Song Performed in the Russian Army – [weird video]
Truly Epic 1980s Parody Video – [wow video]
The World’s Best Cat Toy – [fun video]
Play “Red Ball” game, if bored – [gaming]