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DRB Feel-Good Issue #30

Link – by Avi Abrams

Some joyful stuff to brighten up your day

Welcome to the new issue of Dark Roasted Blend’s “Feel-Good” series: mostly bright and sweet collection of images designed to give you inspiration for the entire week ahead:

Star Wars-themed R2-D2 Airplane Livery will grace the skies in autumn

We are hugely excited about upcoming Star Wars sequel, and this cute example of airline livery definitely feeds our inner geek sensibilities. It comes from ANA (All Nippon Airways) partnered with Disney: this lovely Boeing 787-9 will see first flight in autumn this year. See more creative paint on airliners here

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H.G. Wells and Jules Verne Would Approve

Startram: on rails to the stars!

(more images and info here)

“Startram is based on existing maglev technology and basic physics. A motivated nation could build a “star-tram” system capable of launching 300,000 tons of payload into orbit for less than $40/kg. The infrastructure for a cargo-only version would cost on the order of $20 Billion to build and could be completed within 10 years. A people-capable version could be built for $60 Billion and be completed within 20 years. For more technical information, please visit the resources section

1970s Soviet futurist artist Gennady Golobokov:

Wedding Chapel near Hiroshima, Japan – more info:

The Keaton Music Typewriter from 1936 – more info

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Very strange glider designed by Dervaux, photographed in Auvergne, France, 1922:

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Mixed fresh links for today:

Universe’s Huge “super Void” Discovered – [wow space]
Dolphin Intelligence – [fascinating, article]
The Exact Moment of Chile’s Volcano’s Eruption – [wow video]
Very impressive photos of Calbuco’s eruption – [wow pics]
“Know Nothing” 1855 Political Party – [weird history]
Best Rube Goldberg Machines Overview – [geek tech]
The Bookkeeper of Auschwitz – [history, article]
New York World Fair, 1964 – Remembered – [vintage gallery]
Amazing Visuals: The Largest Buddhist Settlement – [travel, pics]
Submarine Cable: Map & Info – [wow tech]
FlexShapeGripper Robot Arm – [cool video]
Spider Crab Pyramid (Yiikes!) – [wow video]
Extreme Route for GTA Taxi: (info) – [game videos]
Russian Model Poses with Grizzly Bear – [wow video, kinda nsfw]
Destructive Testing of Smartphones – [crazy videos]
Goalkeeper Cat! – [fun video]
Just gotta carry this home! – [fun video]
Play “Turbo Dismount” game, if bored – [gaming]



Currently listening to:
(feel free to copy-paste this in YouTube, most of entries on this list can be found there)

Jeff Lynne – “She” (great song from “Long Wave”, 2012)
Dorian Gray – “There Is a Light” (Swedish power pop, 1999)
Paolo Vasile – “The Day of the Cobra” (Il giorno del Cobra) (cool soundtrack, 1980)
L.E.O. – “Goodbye Innocence” (wonderful pop, 2006)
Overwerk – “Exist”, “Daybreak” (great synth, 2015 – here)
Georges Delerue – “A Little Romance: End Titles” (baroque instr., 1979)
Architecture in Helsinki – “Souvenirs” (happy, indie 2001)
Angelo Francesco Lavagnino – “Nuns Sequence” from “America Paese Di Dio” (happy, 1966)
Pino Donaggio – “Stone”, “Travis” from “Botte di Natale” (western, 1994)
La Casa Azul – “Como un Fan” (Spanish sunshine pop, 2000)
Tomorrow – “Colonel Brown (Keith West)” (UK pop sych, 1967)
Bruno Nicolai – “Arizona on Earth” (western, Italy 1972)
Blue – “I Understand” (melodic pop, 1974 – here)
Boney M – “Let It All Be Music” (classic disco, 1979)
Dick Gaughan – “Jock O Hazeldean” (ancient ballad from 1300, UK)
The Sandpipers – “Softly As I Leave You” (beautiful ballad, 1966)
ELO Part II – “Hello / Honest Men” (little-known pop gems, 1991)
Bruno Nicolai – “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang” (song) (cool Italian beat, 1967)
Raymond LeFevre Orchestra – “Donne Ton Coeur, Donne Ta Vie” (happy instrum., France 1971)
Peppino Gagliardi – “Ascolta, Mio Dio” (rare song, Italy, 1963)
Flying Machine – “Send My Baby Home Again” (sunshine pop, UK 1969)
Linus Of Hollywood – “When I Get To California” (sunshine, indie 1999)
Procol Harum – “Pilgrim’s Progress” (classic ballad, 1969)
Energon – “Game of Love” (great space synth, 2011)
Fountains of Wayne – “Small Favors” (power pop, 2003)
Sir Percy Quintet – “Anytime Sunshine” (perfect summer song, 1971)



Chevrolet came up with this futuristic transport in 1966: Turbo Titan III -

Another Titan – this time from 1952, made for Pathe Marconi (a French record label):

(right image: still another shot of Turbo Titan III)

Devaux Cars are made in Australia and designed by David J. Clash (obviously influenced by Art Deco stylings of the 1930s). Here is a Devaux Coupe available for purchase for $124,000 US:

(images via 1, 2)



BEAUTIFUL ACTRESSES & SINGERS: Catherine Deneuve, Romina Power, Gigliola Cinquetti, Pascale Petit, and more:

Sally Field, Italian singer Gigliola Cinquetti

Romina Power, Italy

Sally Field

Giorgia Moll

Mitzi Gaynor

Catherine Deneuve, France

Gigliola Cinquetti, Susan Dey

Gigliola Cinquetti

Jenny Agutter in “Walkabout” (1971)

Susan Dey

Wenche Myhre

Pascale Petit



Calgary’s Peace Bridge is designed by Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava and looks wonderfully futuristic, especially in this space-enhanced photo manipulation by TorkX:

(image credit: TorkX)

Devil’s Punchbowl falls in Arthur’s Pass National Park are sometimes called the “real-life Rivendell in New Zealand’s South Island” as this photo by Jesse L. Summers amply proves:

(image credit: Jesse L. Summers (fragment, see full size here)

Surreal and very atmospheric photo manipulation by Shteba from Novorossiysk, Russia

(images credit: Shteba)


Robot Squatting? This Ford Fiesta was converted into “Fiesta Transformer” by British artist Hetai Patel – more info:

(image via)

Weird “walking Titan” cloud from Chile’s Calbuco volcano:

“He sleeps” (Photo by Dmitry Iskhakov):

VW Camper, to the max! -

Where… is my dinner, mate?:

Until next time! Keep the sunshine, folks.