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Broke Ass Stuart: Independent media is more valuable to society than potato salad

by Broke-Ass Stuart Crowdfunding is exhausting. I’m at the tail end of my very first Indiegogo campaign and the only thing I can think is: ...

New Front Opens Up in Battle Over Airbnb

The war over Airbnb  will be heading to the ballot in November, the San Francisco Chronicle reports. Share Better SF, the coalition of groups opposing ...

Uber Goes Kozmo?

If you haven’t heeded the warnings that the tech bubble is in fact a very bloated bubble, tumescent with a toxic gas that will kill ...

The Jury is Out: SF. citizens enjoy subpoena power on the Civil Grand Jury. So why is nobody interested?

by Chris Roberts Perry Shirley was never more powerful than when he turned 27. That halcyon year, he sat on the San Francisco civil grand ...

Tattoos Can Cause Apple Watches To Malfunction

Those affected are forced to repeatedly enter their security code as Apple’s flagship watch keeps locking.

Watch: Sniper Bullet That Tracks Moving Targets

Each bullet has fins to steer itself through the air, as well as an on-board computer to control its movement.

7 Ways 'You Oughta Know' Is A Work Of Sheer Madness

By Cody Johnston,Abe Epperson  Published: April 29th, 2015 

15 Weird Ass Casting Choices We're Still Seeing Today

By CRACKED Readers  Published: April 29th, 2015 

Baltimore riots: Hillary Clinton calls Freddie Gray death tragic, urges criminal justice reform

Hillary Rodham Clinton, at a fundraiser for her presidential campaign Tuesday, said the violence in Baltimore was “heartbreaking” and called for criminal justice reform. Mrs. ...

Fast-track trade authority support grows with assurances of no Obama immigration policy

Fearful of immigration’s power to sink any issue it touches, the administration and Republican leaders on Capitol Hill are doing everything they can to try ...

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