June 2015 Archive

Cruz unloads on McConnell, Paul in new book

‘I’ve been amazed how many senators pose one way in public … and then in private do little or nothing.’

Supreme Court's liberal admirers get reality check

Reports of the Supreme Court’s leftward turn have been greatly exaggerated.

Chris Christie's ego runs for president

Christie’s with the press are to be all about Christie, take it or leave it.

Obama overtime rule could raise wages for 5 million

The threshold to qualify for overtime pay, now $23,660, will rise to $50,440.

Trump: NBC contract 'violation' will be 'determined in court'

Donald Trump called NBCUniversal “weak” and “foolish” on Monday and said its decision to violate its contract with the Miss Universe Organization will be determined ...

Christie creates gun study commission after woman's death

NEWARK, N.J. (AP) – Republican Gov. Chris Christie has created a commission to study the ownership and possession of firearms after a woman who had ...

Obama plan would extend overtime pay eligibility to 5 million more workers

WASHINGTON — The Obama administration will propose requiring overtime pay for workers who earn nearly $1,000 per week, three individuals familiar with the plan said ...

Obama stumped as Puerto Rico, Greece debt crises roil global markets

After piling up the most debt in U.S. history and vowing to exceed spending caps in Congress this year, President Obama had few solutions to ...

Dilma Rousseff puts spying spat aside, seeks economic aid for Brazil on U.S. visit

SAO PAULO, Brazil — Two years after she canceled a state visit to Washington in a pique over revelations of U.S. spying on her office, ...

WESLEY PRUDEN: Slippery slope of Supreme Court gay marriage decision

ANALYSIS/OPINION: You might think the gays, the liberals and the mellowed-out folks who groove on kittens and little living things would be content to lie ...

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