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Link Latte 238


#238Week of December 1, 2015

Other-worldly: Formation of an Ice Brinicle (info) – [wow nature]
Simulation Of Two Planets Colliding – [wow space, gif]
The Hubble Extreme Deep Field – [stupendous]
8oo Year Old “Big Old Squash” – Grows Again! – [fascinating]
“Cylinder Seals” are not as boring as it sounds – [art, history]
De-Icing Of The Frozen Plane – [great pic]
Did we link to this yet? NASA’s ExoPlanets! – [space art]
5400mph Winds Around This Exoplanet – [wow space]
Who’s the most recorded artist ever? You’d be surprised – [interesting]
Just making sure you saw this – [wow nature]
CMN Ocean Eagle 43 Trimaran Patrol Vesse – [wow tech, video]
Absolutely Spectacular, Most Expensive Cars- [wow tech, pics]
Whopping Galaxy Cluster Spotted – [most massive structure yet]
North Korea’s Interiors: 1970s Brutalism all over again – [architecture]
Soviet Interiors in the 1970s – [lots of pics]
Dead Sea Scrolls, All Online – [zoom into them]
Tricky: Transporting a Huge Gas Turbine – [animated gif]
Scientists Find New Phase Of Carbon – [wow science]
Gothic Alphabet is… not Gothic – [history]
Quitting Facebook Makes You Happier – [who knew?]
This is how movies are delivered to your local theater – [fascinating]
Chinese Chef’s Amazing Knife Skills – [wow video]
Perfect Magnets Doing Their Thing – [wow video]
Gigantic 17x17x17 Rubik’s Cube – [wow video]
Another great one: 3-D Printed “Gear” Cube – [wow video]
Wall Demolition – [fun video, loud audio]
Making Salsa Chips in a Most Unusual Way – [fun video]
Flying Fish Hunt: Suspense, Thrills! – [wow video]
Really Sharp Japanese Knife Demonstration – [wow video]
Play “Bullet Heaven” for a good relaxation – [in-browser gaming]
One of a Kind Celebrity Action Figures – [Holiday Pricing!]