This laptop sleeve carries all your devices — and charges them at the same time



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What is the thing you are mostly likely to leave behind in a hotel room? You may not be surprised to find that it’s your charger.  And what is the thing you’re mostly likely to forget to bring in the first place and argue with your S.O. over whose fault it was? Also your charger, according to no reporting whatsoever but definitely our lives. 

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Finally, wouldn’t it be great if you never had to worry about any of that ever again and could live a life full of well-charged devices and romantic harmony?

Meet Laer. It’s a Bluetooth-enabled laptop sleeve that can charge every device you own — all at the same time. The sleeve’s built-in battery can juice your PC or Mac, smartphone and tablet, simultaneously. Here’s a demo video that shows a little more about how it works: Read more…

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