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#253Week of October 27, 2017

Most Epic Landscapes at Assiniboine Park, Canada (hike info) – [wow nature]
Dark Side of Florida: Abandoned, Spooky Places – [urban exploring]
Absolutely Offensive (Politically Incorrect) Hilarious World Map – [made in 1930s Japan]
Retrofuture: Spherical Wheels 1935 Car – [great find]
Beautiful Art Deco “Ships” Tiles of Fulton Subway Station – [art]
Very Rare 1929 Train-like Custom “SoundTrain” Limo – [wow auto]
Harold Ross “Sculpting with Light” Series – [wow photography]
Incredibly Realistic Colorized 1890s Portraits – [Russian & European Royalty]
“Lancastria” Disaster: worst loss of life at sea – [heartbreaking]
Beautiful Fantasy Art Matte by Simona Ceci – [wow art]
Want! Panasonic Futuristic TV set TR-005 – [vintage design]
More of the Very Strange Retro TV Sets – [geek pics]
Map of the Love Land: Development of Romantic Interest – [medieval art]
Sensational Streamlined 1930s “Aerocar” RV Trailers – [retro automobile]
Beautiful Girls in New York, circa 1944 – [classy photos]
British Movie Locations You Can Actually Visit” – [wow travel]
Source for Tolkien’s Middle-Earth: Ancient “Poetic Edda” is online – [great read, epic]
History of (Dracula’s) Bran Castle, Video Tour – [interesting]
Princess Ileana of Romania lived in this castle (info) – [unexpected]
Pre-Inuit “Gentle Giants” in the Arctic – [wow anthropology]
Fascinating: List of Longest Novels – [cool info]
Nazi-connected Thule Society: Mystical Roots – [crazy history]
LUTZ Pathfinder Driving Pod – [driverless car]
Gothic-Style Metal Stove – [1851 wow design]
Mechanical Reproduction vs Art: Loss of Spirit – [interesting]
Underwater Treadmill: Good Idea? – [tech pic]
Fastest RC Model Jet: 727 km/hr – [wow video]
Highes AirWest “Bananas” Flight Commercial – [1970s video]
Amazing Slinky Tricks – [wow video]
Annie Fischer Mind-Boggling Versions of Beethoven’s Piano Sonatas – [wow music]
One of the Most Epic Car Videos You Ever Gonna See – [wow video]