October 2017 Archive

What Happened When A Woman Complimented The Trolls Who Body-Shamed Her

Talk about killing them with kindness.

Breast Cancer Awareness: What It Means For African-American Women

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and the overarching mission is powerful ― help increase awareness about the importance

The Architecture Behind The Quintessential Haunted House

NPR’s Ari Shapiro speaks with Mary Jo Bowling from Curbed on why Victorian architecture came to be associated with everything spooky and scary.

Toxic. Sour. Atomic. Why We Love To Hate Gross Candy

Candy is supposed to be sweet and delicious. So why are we tempted by candy that pretends to be made of hazardous chemicals, that threatens ...

A night at the Garden

‘We, with American ideals, demand that our government shall be returned to the American people who founded it.’ On 20 February 1939, roughly six months ...

Betwixt nature and God dwelt the medieval 'preternatural'

After Hurricane Katrina in 2005, the American pastor John Hagee became notorious for blaming the devastating storm on the ‘sins’ of the people of New ...

The Inksect: Award Winning Animation Envisions a Dystopian Future Without Books, Paying Homage to Kafka & Poe

“Where would we be without books?” That question, sung over and over again by Sparks in the theme song of the long-running public-radio show Bookworm, gets a ...

Watch a Step-by-Step Breakdown of La La Land‘s Incredibly Complex, Off Ramp Opening Number

La La Land, writer and director Damien Chazelle’s award-winning Valentine to Hollywood musicals, attracted legions of fans upon its release last December. Their ardor is bookended ...

WATCH: Warriors vs Clippers

Steph Curry and the Warriors are in LA to take on the Clippers. Watch on NBC Sports Bay Area and streaming right here.

Report: Warriors won't pick up 2018-19 option on Kevon Looney

Despite showing vast improvements this season, Kevon Looney likely won’t be back with the Warriors next season. The third-year forward won’t have his fourth-year club ...

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