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Most Americans Would Choose Internet Over TV or Cellphones

(Mashable) - 46% of American adults said that Internet would be the most difficult technology to go without, with cellphones a close second …

Rain Finally Comes to California — But Is it Too Late?

(Mashable) - As of Thursday, 26.2% of the state was classified in the worst category, “exceptional drought” …

Man wakes up in body bag at funeral home

(AP) — Workers at a Mississippi funeral home say they found a man alive and kicking when they opened a body bag.

More than 100 Navy sailors who responded to Fukushima suffer unexplained illnesses

(CBS Balitmore) - “When you’ve got a nuclear power plant that’s melting down, how can you not expect health risks to come from that?”

Nutrition expert claims giving up grains can lead to heart disease and cancer

(Daily Mail) - Low-carbohydrate diets are all the rage, but one nutrition expert has claimed that they may not be as healthy as we think.

MN Dealership Offers Free Shotgun With Each Pickup

(AP) – A Ford dealership near Moorhead is hoping to entice customers with a unique give-a-way.  Buy a pickup. Get a shotgun.

Couple Tried To Stiff Taxi Driver After Sex Session In Rear Of Illinois Cab

(The Smoking Gun) - An Illinois cab driver recently called police to complain that a couple who had just finished having sex in the rear of ...

How computer-generated fake papers are flooding academia

(The Guardian) – … more academic papers that are are being written by computer programs – and accepted at conferences

Optic Nerve: millions of Yahoo webcam images intercepted by GCHQ

(The Guardian) – … a surveillance program codenamed Optic Nerve collected still images of Yahoo webcam chats in bulk and saved them …

Woman Robbed, Assaulted for Wearing Google Glass in a Bar

(Mashable) - The incident highlights the social complications associated with wearing Google Glass…

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