SF Bay Area

“I Made the Fire,” Chinese Consulate Suspect Tells FBI

(NBC Bay Area) – “I made the fire,” suspect allegedly told feds…

FBI Joins Investigation Of Arson Attack On SF Chinese Consulate

(CBS SF) — The FBI says a fire at the Chinese Consulate in San Francisco was ignited in front of the …

San Francisco at 1 million: Population boom has cops and fire looking to hire

(SF Examiner) – With San Francisco’s population set to ignite, the days of police and fire hiring freezes are over.

Bay Area Spare The Air Alert On Christmas Eve, Wood Burning Banned

(CBS SF) — Put away the chestnuts; the Bay Area Air Quality Management District has announced that wood burning will be banned in the region ...

Bill would require ‘kill switch’ for smartphones

(SF Examiner) – All cellphone manufacturers would be required to install kill switches on new phones under a proposed California law…

Nude Activists Get Married, Arrested At San Francisco City Hall

(KCBS) – Two nude activists got married in front of San Francisco City Hall on Thursday and were promptly arrested and issued a citation.

Mayor pushes to accelerate housing creation throughout SF

(SF Examiner) – Mayor Ed Lee stood …to announce his intentions to speed up the approval process for housing development citywide…

The 13 weirdest Bay Area crime stories of 2013

(SF Gate) – Ah, the Bay Area. Weird and dirty, strange and exotic.

Haight center for homeless youth explores options as closure looms

(SF Examiner) – …next week, the center could be no more.

Free Wi-Fi debuts on Market Street today; more projects expected mid-2014

(SF Examiner) – Free Wi-Fi networks dotting San Francisco are going online soon, with one project even launching today.

Bicycle use spikes in San Francisco, report shows

(SF Examiner) – The number of San Franciscans using bicycles for transport has nearly doubled since 2006…

You Should Watch The Geminid Meteor Shower This Weekend

(SF Weekly) – Stop putting out “I’m so bored and lonely” Craigslist ads, because, guess what? Now you have plans for Friday night.

San Francisco snowfall in 1962 — a view from the sky

(SF Gate) – This is one of my favorite Let’s Go to the Morgue! finds in recent memory.

Google’s cozy jet fuel deal with feds cost California taxpayers up to $5.3M, report finds

(Fox) – A simple “misunderstanding” allowed Google’s top executives to pay between $3.3 and $5.3 million less than market price for fuel…

Startup CEO Complains SF Is Full of Human Trash

(Gawker) – Behold a perfect Silicon Valley denizen, an archetype: he’s been written up in TechCrunch for his hackathon-organizing company.

S.F. mayor backs big boost in SF minimum wage

(SF Examiner) – Fifteen dollars an hour.

SF leaders working to limit tobacco sales permits as cigarette sales rise

(SF Examiner) – A fee The City tacks on to sales of tobacco might not be slowing down cigarette sales…

SF Main Library implementing new strategies to curb unsavory behavior

(SF Examiner) – San Francisco is hoping to start a new chapter in the Main Library’s troubled story…

Protesters block Google bus in S.F. Mission

(SF Gate) – A group of protesters surrounded and blocked a Google employee commuter bus for more than a half hour…

A Rare Look At The Tunnels Under San Francisco

(Bold Italics) – In the early ’90s my friends and I used to tape flashlights to the handlebars of our bikes and go riding around ...

San Francisco considers banning butterfly releases

(Fox NY) – SF has made headlines for the numerous things it has banned recently, from toys in fast-food meals to cats being de-clawed.

CCSF enrollment takes big hit as accreditation battle continues

(SF Examiner) – The bustling City College of San Francisco campuses may be quieter places come the new year if current enrollment numbers are any ...

Nine hospitalized after fumes fill BART train

(SF Gate) – A BART train in the Berkeley hills tunnel filled with fumes Wednesday when its emergency brakes engaged…

‘Techie’ term draws derision from tech workers

(SF Gate) – For many tech industry workers, who account for about 8 percent of San Francisco’s workers, “techie” is starting to sound pejorative.

San Francisco Cat Killer: Cops Release Video of Suspect Who Tossed Woman’s Cats Into the Bay

(SF Weekly) – Authorities have released some video footage…

East Bay home prices up as much as 56% in 2013

(SF Gate) – If you’ve been thinking of the East Bay as an affordable alternative to buying a home in San Francisco you might be ...

SF explores an ecodistrict idea for South of Market

(SF Examiner) – The city of tomorrow — the future — has a long history.

Google plans ‘floating retail store,’ builder says

(SF Gate) – The Turner Construction report also says each barge is intended to be used as a “floating retail store.”

Young farmers planting futures in San Mateo County

(SF Examiner) – Tony Cozzolino and his wife, Stephanie, are not your typical millennials…

Bike lockers could start occupying San Francisco parking spaces

(SF Examiner) – San Francisco could become the first major city in the U.S. to install collective residential bicycle lockers in parking spaces…

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