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Reminder For 'Stranger Things' Fans: The Eighties Sucked

By David Wong  Published: July 18th, 2019 

6 Ways Selfie-Addicted Tourists Are Destroying The World

By Kelly Stone  Published: July 18th, 2019 

Expiration Date High Score

5 Problems That Ruin Most Superhero TV Shows

By Daniel Dockery  Published: July 17th, 2019 

5 Celebrity Gaming Scandals That Flew Under The Radar

By Mark Hill  Published: July 17th, 2019 


5 Shady Practices of Companies Young People Love

By Hank Fontaine  Published: July 16th, 2019 

5 Gaming Controversies That Were Mindblowingly Stupid

By Adam Wears  Published: July 16th, 2019 

5 Weird Overseas Adaptations of Famous American TV Shows

By Jordan Breeding  Published: July 15th, 2019 

4 Small Town News Stories Straight Out Of Urban Legends

By Adam Wears  Published: July 15th, 2019 

How Hacking Works

Why 5 Once-Popular Horror Genres Now Just Look Ridiculous

By Ian Fortey  Published: July 14th, 2019 

5 Unhelpful Things Mothers Say To Their Daughters

By Emily Watkins  Published: July 13th, 2019 

5 Ways The Past Used To Be Unbelievably Disgusting

By Greg Stacy  Published: July 13th, 2019 

5 Sitcom Characters Secretly Tragic Character Arcs

By Eleanor Munk  Published: July 12th, 2019 

Famous Movie Tech That Would Never Work In Real Life

By Cracked Plasticians  Published: July 12th, 2019 

Flag Interpretation

8 Seemingly Innocent Things We Need To Stop Saying To Women

By Kate Lucey  Published: July 11th, 2019 

6 Inspiring Speeches That Remind Us Why We Love Superheroes

By Maxwell Yezpitelok  Published: July 11th, 2019 

6 Celebrity Beefs That Will Instantly Make You Feel Smarter

By E. Reid Ross,Ryan Menezes,Aquiles Cacho,Brogan Luke Bouwhuis,Eric Nolff,Willie C.  Published: July 10th, 2019 

5 Failed Attempts To Scientifically Prove The Afterlife

By Matt Holland  Published: July 10th, 2019 

First News Memory

6 Times The Source Material Was Too Dumb For The Movie

By E. Reid Ross,Israel SH,James Kinneen,Gino Reyes,Eric Nolff  Published: July 09th, 2019 

The 'Lion King' Secret Disney Doesn't Want You To Know

By JM McNab  Published: July 09th, 2019 

6 Awkward AF Times Famous People Met Their Own Heroes

By Ivan Ardila  Published: July 08th, 2019 

5 Shocking Ways Pop Culture Inspired Horrible Crimes

By Adam Wears  Published: July 08th, 2019 

Trained a Neural Net

The 5 Weirdest Choices The MCU Almost Made

By Tara Marie  Published: July 07th, 2019 

5 Unnecessarily Terrifying Kids Movie Villains

By Mark Hofmeyer  Published: July 06th, 2019 

5 Widespread Cultural Stereotypes (That Are Totally Wrong)

By Aquiles Cacho  Published: July 06th, 2019 

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