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Disaster Movie

The Alarming Way Netflix Customizes Itself To Our Tastes

By David Wong  Published: August 05th, 2018 

Happy Birthday, Badass – August 5

By CRACKED Writing Staff  Published: August 05th, 2018 

The Inventor Of The Phone Was Obsessed With Sheep Nipples

By Cracked Writers  Published: August 04th, 2018 

6 Movie Sets That Were Shamelessly Recycled From Other Films

By Henrik Magnusson  Published: August 04th, 2018 

5 Movies That Would Be Better Without The Lead Character

By Luis Prada,Daniel Dockery  Published: August 03rd, 2018 

How Products Use Fancy Language To Try And Trick People

By CRACKED Readers  Published: August 03rd, 2018 

Complex Numbers

DRB Visual Caffeine #7

“VISUAL CAFFEINE” #7Link – by Avi Abrams DRB Visual Caffeine: a thrilling blend of art, architecture, myths and fabulous technology – Issue 7 This is ...

6 Weirdly Specific Trends That Turn Up In Famous Movies

By Taylor Daine,James Kinneen,Tiago Svn,Dan Hopper,James Freeth  Published: August 02nd, 2018 

Happy Birthday, Badass – August 2

By CRACKED Writing Staff  Published: August 02nd, 2018 

5 Inexplicable Things That Keep Happening To Dead Bodies

By Ian Fortey  Published: August 01st, 2018 

Happy Birthday, Badass – August 1

By CRACKED Writing Staff  Published: August 01st, 2018 

Lightning Distance

Space Octopuses & Other Weird Conspiracies Making The Rounds

By T. S. Obiech,Scott Laffey,Andres Diplotti  Published: July 31st, 2018 

Flint, Michigan Still Has Polluted Water: Here's How To Help

By Cedric Voets  Published: July 31st, 2018 

5 Characters You Had No Idea Were In The Marvel Universe

By JM McNab  Published: July 30th, 2018 

5 Mind-Blowingly Weird Religious Sites You've Never Heard Of

By Dwayne Hoover,Tiago Svn,Andrea Meno,A Stone  Published: July 30th, 2018 

Heat Index

5 Things You Learn From A Trip Into A Huge Chasm Of Hellfire

By Kier Harris  Published: July 29th, 2018 

How The 2020 Census Could Doom American Democracy

By Adam Wears  Published: July 29th, 2018 

The Bizarre Secret Message Mussolini Left For The Future

By JM McNab  Published: July 28th, 2018 

6 Video Game Missions That Totally Insulted The Player

By Spencer Thew,Ed Stevens,Michael Battaglino  Published: July 28th, 2018 

5 Cynical Attempts To Cash In On The 'Me Too' Movement

By Ian Fortey  Published: July 27th, 2018 

24 Classes That Would Actually Prepare Students For Life

By CRACKED Readers  Published: July 27th, 2018 

Peer Review

4 Beloved Characters Who Debuted In The Weirdest Places

By Mark Hill  Published: July 26th, 2018 

5 Nightmarish Implications Of Classic Kids' Movies

By Spencer Thew,Jordan Breeding,Maxwell C. Rettig  Published: July 26th, 2018 

These 400-Year-Old Sharks Are Creepy As Hell

By Cracked Writers  Published: July 25th, 2018 

5 Crazy Movie Moments That Are Scientifically Accurate

By Matt Cowan  Published: July 25th, 2018 

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